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The idea for The High Dieter was conceived in 2004 during my freshman year of college. Having spent the better part of the prior year doing what many high school seniors do – smoking pot and stuffing my face with Wendy’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Nerds Rope and everything else in-between, I entered college with a bit of a gut. Okay, that’s an understatement – Between the time I smoked my first joint and college, I had managed to gain 70 pounds and grow 0 inches – Not good for someone who was underweight as a non-smoker.
While I knew that I didn’t want to be overweight in college, I also knew that I didn’t want to stop smoking pot – it helped me relax, focus and be more creative. But I also knew that I loved food. Something had to give – And I was committed to making sure it wasn’t pot, good food or staying in shape. So with that, I began to educate myself on everything there was to know about nutrition – My goal was to ensure that I could continue smoking, while still eating food I enjoyed, but wouldn’t make me fat.

After a short time, I found that many people, friends and strangers alike, shared this goal. With that, a small group of us decided to commit ourselves to making this goal possible - And we haven’t stopped since – This is how The High Dieter was born.

In this blog, you will find all sorts of recipes, concoctions, product recommendations, tips, tricks, lists and other advice, all based on the collective experiences of everyone in the group, to help you! We have successfully shared these nuggets of wisdom with people for years – now it’s your turn to get on board!

The High Dieter is anyone looking to balance their pot smoking habits with a healthy diet, yet still wants to enjoy the taste of good food – it’s anyone looking to avoid the typical weight gain that comes along with smoking pot, without sacrificing all the pleasures of food and more specifically the munchies, altogether.

The High Dieter comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s the stoned 18 year old smoking his way through college. It’s the 34 year old professional whose happy hour consists of bud that gets smoked, not drunk. And it’s also the 50 year old mom who likes to get high on the weekends and before she goes to sleep. To summarize, The High Dieter is anyone who wants to enjoy smoking pot, the food they eat, and the body they live in.

Our blog is here to provide The High Dieter with the tools they need to be successful – Our goal is to provide you with a destination that lives up to our slogan – The Place To Go When You’re High, Hungry & Trying To Lose Weight. It is based on our group motto “Who says that munchies can’t be healthy too?

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The Place To Go When You're High, Hungry & Trying To Lose Weight

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