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All the dating, relationship and sex news that’s fit to print… and some that isn’t is a dating advice blog that provides readers with insightful and witty articles on everything related to dating. But wait… there’s more. also aggregates news on dating, relationships, sex and entertainment, and has a host of compelling tidbits on - you guessed it - dating.

Now, you probably don’t want to hear that you’re single because you’re doing something wrong. And you probably don’t want to hear that no one is replying to your online dating ad because it’s terrible. But that’s what is here for; we’re here to help you get the date you want, get the relationship you want, and settle for nothing less than happiness by figuring out where things have gone wrong and righting them.

At, you can

* Read the most awesome and helpful articles on dating
* Share your opinions, experiences and perspectives
* Voice your frustrations with the opposite sex
* Get answers to your relationship questions
* Comment on anything you think is great… or crappy
* Get insight from authors, visitors and renowned dating experts

So take a tour of the site and get your read on. Before you know it, you’ll be landing more dates than you ever dreamed of. And that’s a whole lotta dates.

Even if you’re happily single, married or divorced, has something for everyone. Yes, even the video store clerk who picks his zits and lives with 6 dogs.

We’re passionate about helping daters reach their ideal goals and achieve all the things they want out of life. We believe life is too short to waste it hoping for something better. So offers you a realistic perspective from both genders.

And you can feel free to comment on profiles, articles and everything in between on; this is your virtual bar.

Sometimes, we’ll stroke your ego, other times, you probably won’t like what we’re saying, but one thing’s for sure: You’ll keep coming back to see what the next day has to offer. So whether you want to learn how to flirt with men effectively or make sure she orgasms every time, can help you accomplish it all.
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1 - DateDaily is a dating advice blog that provides readers with insightful and witty articles on.. everything related to dating.

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