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I am a health nut musician/percussionist and an avid Internet Marketer/Blogger. I am a 58 year old divorced father of a 13 year old daughter who is the light of my life.
Embrace Technology love to travel and work part time for a Tribal Art Dealer who sends me on interesting adventures ;-)

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Was the Inspiration of of now recently deceased father Ivan Thrasher, who passed January 21, 2011.. at 96 with just 1215 days to reach his goal of being 100. Plans in the works to Re-Purpose the.. Site/Sign up for cool updates coming soon ;-)

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Other Tags: longevity, living to 100, life extension, anti aging, centenarian

Content to Help You Gain the Confidence to Look after Your Own Health/Be Your Own Doctor!

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Other Tags: health insurance, personal health, self help, pro active health, self help health

Jewelry and Fashion Site

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Other Tags: jewelry, diamonds, necklaces, rings, beads

Leading Edge Longevity Content to Help You on Your Journey to 100/Book Coming Soon!

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Other Tags: longevity, anti aging, life extension, aging, healthy longevity

Tips to Achieve a Long and Healthy Life

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Other Tags: longevity, age extension, anti aging, aging, life extension

Internet Marketing and Internet Traffic

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Other Tags: traffic, internet marketing, build your business, increase traffic, free traffic

Internet Marketing Site

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Other Tags: business online, websites, eCommerce, internet, selling online

Slice of Life

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Other Tags: internet, learning, marketing, health, wealth

Everything to do with Marketing Online

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