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I m calligrapher & student of It
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calligraphy videos calligraphy photos

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4 - AL Islam

All About Islam And Islamic Education

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    Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Squeezer Toothbrush Holder Auto Set Wall Mount Stickers White Red Home Bathroom Household .Price : 1999. RS Free Shipping Over Pakistan .For Order Inbox us .https://www.facebook.com/Made-In-China-318923591565101/ti...
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    for hiring employs seniors ask some questions and this is called an interview of that person in which they judge your confidence your skills and your way of talking that whether you were according to their need or not so It is necessary to be prepare...
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    oral contraceptive pills used for pregnancy  control and are used by 90% of the females.it is in the form of  hormonal contraception taken taken to prevent pregnancy. these pills contain synthetic hormones estrogen and progesterone.The pill can a...
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    dog breeds have more potential to cause serious harm to a person if the dog were to decide to attack. Therefore, our 5 most dangerous dog breeds focuses on the potential of a dog to cause serious injury to a victim. Thus most incidents involving dogs...
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    The world’s 10 best cities to live in, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit global “livability” study, which looks at how “tolerable” it is to live in a particular place given its crime levels, threat of conflict, quality of medical...
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    SAN FRANCISCO, March 4 morning news, the world’s largest solar-powered aircraft “Solar Impulse on the 2nd” Global Flight Project Sina official website (http://solarimpulse.sina.com.cn/ ) formally launched. As the world’s first pure green, the...
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     YouTube is ten years old: the cult videoIt was 2005, exactly ten years ago: the young Jawed Karim, one of the three co-founders of YouTube, put online the video “Me at the zoo“: 19 seconds in all. Thus was born, in California, the most popular...
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    parisparis is the most popular city and is the capital city of France. paris was third most popular in the europe. paris is well known for its museum and it is most visited museums in the world.there was twice yearly fashion week thats why paris is a...
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    1. Lamborghini Venenoits cost is $4,500,000 .it is the first in the list of top 10 most Expensive Cars In The World. Only three cars are being made available every year because of being he most expensive car in the world.it has high speed of about 22...
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    trailers1-Game of Thrones 2-Breaking Bad 3-The Vampire Diaries 4-Add to Watchlist The Wire 5-Arrow 6-True Detective 7-Coronation Street8-Better Call Saul 9-The Wire 10-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. top 10 hollywood tv series-trailers...
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     Fact Of Life QuoteHope -Faith – Courage Quotelet life happen QuoteFeel it Quotemy life QuoteNo Matter QuoteI’m done Quotemoney can’t buy Quoteanymore Quoteheart Quoteneed Quotediscover Quotestory Quotemistake Quoteday by day Qu...
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    1- beans – best top 10 foodsbeans belong to the family of legumes and its eating reduce many heart and breast disease. we should eat beans four times a week to lower risk factors.if the colour of bean is darker then it contains more antioxidants s...