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This is a blog about a woman who is passionate about rescue and the dogs that she shares her life.. with.

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  • The secret is no more!
    on Jan 6, 2013 in Rescue Dogs
    Promptly after announcing the much needed break I was going to take from rescue, an alleged puppy mill was raided in our community and we were asked to help.  Due to the fact that this is an on going criminal investigation, we are unable to adop...
  • This old blog is retiring...
    on Jun 3, 2012
    Hello All!I just want to say thank you to all of you for following this blog.  The people I have met on here have been so wonderful and I love reading about your lives and love of canines. It is time for me to switch gears though.  I starte...
  • Damaged Beyond Repair?
    on Jan 15, 2012 in Rescue Dogs
    On occasion in rescue, and maybe more than I care to admit, I get discouraged and just down right mad.  Tonight as I write I am sad and very angry.  Being involved in dog rescue and able to foster means that often I have "extra" house guest...
  • She Who Loves Dogs: Damaged Beyond Repair?
    on Jan 15, 2012
    She Who Loves Dogs: Damaged Beyond Repair?: On occasion in rescue, and maybe more than I care to admit, I get discouraged and just down right mad. Tonight as I write I am sad a...
  • Security...
    on Dec 30, 2011 in Urban Farming Chickens
    The egg bounty this week!Someone asked me today why I have backyard chickens and if I really saved that much money on eggs.  I had to honestly answer: no.....  My urban flock is up to 17 birds currently, and where most of of them are not up...
  • Better To Give Than To Receive!
    on Dec 27, 2011 in Seasons Kids Holidays
    We all remember what it was like to be a kid at Christmas time.  The wonder, the awe, and the excitement of everything...  Well this year my daughter wanted a Kindle for Christmas.  (This was really the only thing on her list other tha...
  • Saturday Blog Hop: Happy Halloween
    on Nov 5, 2011
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!I hope this blog post finds you all safe and happy after this weeks Halloween fun!  We had all sorts of fun carving our pumpkins and getting our costumes ready.  This year K decided to be Little Red Riding Hood and she had t...
  • Book Review: Blaze of Glory by M. Garzon
    on Nov 3, 2011
    On occasion you start reading a book by a new author and you instantly know that you have just stumbled upon greatness.  That is exactly what happened when I picked up Blaze of Glory by M. Garzon.  Much like Sara Gruen in Water for Elephant...
  • We Are Back!
    on Oct 9, 2011
    Larry the Labrador´╗┐ We have had an amazing summer in the Browning-Smith household!  It has been full of friends, family, horse shows, and of course: dogs!  We have had one new addition to our household this summer.  His name is Larry...
  • Saturday Blog Hop: The Happy Box!
    on Apr 16, 2011
    ´╗┐ Do not pay attention to my terrible hair in this picture.  I know I look like Kramer off of Friends....Part of my quest to be an "urban farmer" has made me look at the food that I eat.  I have determined that I eat terrible because it i...
  • Urban Farming: Chickens
    on Apr 13, 2011
    Dixie!Okay, so confession time: I love chickens!  There is nothing like sitting on your deck, sipping a glass of wine, while watching your chickens frolic in the yard.  The problem?  I live in the middle of the city....  This has...
  • Saturday Blog Hop: Goodbye Fenway
    on Apr 9, 2011
    This week has been particularly hard on our family due to the death of one of our "pack" members. I have a variety of animals that bless my life, and each of them are treasured members of my family. That is why I have not blogged for the last 2 weeks...
  • Saturday Blog Hop: The Wisdom Of A Dog
    on Mar 26, 2011
    We went letterboxing (http://www.atlasquest.com/) last weekend, and we took Suzy with us.  We went to several cemeteries looking for places to plant boxes.  One of the cemeteries had several neat gardens, and my daughter took a moment...
  • Spring: A Time to Renew
    on Mar 24, 2011
    As spring rolls around every year, I am in awe.  To watch the world "wake up" from it's winter slumber is a miracle that amazes my over and over again.  I love to watch the rebirth of animals and plants.  I love that it is daylight lon...
  • The Adventures of Suzy the Pitbull
    on Mar 19, 2011
    It's me Suzy!  Today my Hoomans took me out for a hike at Charleston Falls!  I had the best time.  The littleest Hooman is who walked me today.  I tell you what, she has more energy than me!  I loved all of it, except the lit...
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day! (One day late....)
    on Mar 18, 2011
    St. Patrick's Day is an observed holiday in our house, and there is no school or work on this day.  Instead, there is a lot of Irish Dancing!  Yesterday was no different from any other year.  Katzya danced and we drove her around. ...
  • Meet Ava!
    on Mar 13, 2011
    Photo credit given to Debi CanodyMeet Ava!Ava was one of the dogs rescued from the "Jeff Burgess House of Hell".  Ava is somewhat shy due to the complete lack of socialization and care that she received during her stay with Jeff, however she is...
  • Greatful Beings....
    on Mar 12, 2011
    Sometimes I just look around my house and wonder what goes on in the minds of these dogs.  All of them are rescue dogs from one bad situation or another, and they are all so amazing!  People frequently ask, "Do all of those dogs get along?!
  • A Fairytail of Epic Proportion!
    on Feb 27, 2011
    Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a princess.  Her name was Hazel.  Hazel spent all of her days and nights locked in a dungeon.  It was dark there, and damp.  There was no heat, and seldom any food.  Hazel was a...
  • It made a difference to that one!
    on Feb 23, 2011
         This blog post is dedicated to Amy Welker at the Piqua Health Department, Dr. Lisa Nadasi DVM, the Miami County Animal Shelter, ALL of the volunteers at the Piqua facility (there have been a bunch!),  the Clark County An...