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I graduated in Graphic Design at the Tiradentes University in Aracaju and posgraduated in Visual Arts graduate at Federal University of Sergipe. I work with art, visual identity, creating logos at the Center for Distance Learning University of Tiradentes. I was also an intern in design offices and work on personal projects of design and craftsmanship. Passionate about fashion, makeup, art, design, trends and travel, love the internet and social networks.

I have excellent academic background - graduation and expertise, also participated in several university extension courses - and experience in offices whose clients and target audience are quite different. The professional requirement for creating eclectic served as raw material for the consolidation of a personal aesthetic that is very pleased to customers (visit my portfolio!). I am not content to dominate the graphics programs, I constantly study concepts and always update me. I am restless and full of ideas - nothing is more appropriate for a creative professional. Know me better, visit my websites, social networks and make good business.
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My work, my portfolio and creative things.

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Description: Fashion here is less about dictating and more about sharing and encourage people to.. express their respect and personal look. What makes you different?

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Dedicado à comunicação com os amigos e conto de causos, no estilo dos que aqui relata.

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Through the trace I can design my world.

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My Nerd/Geek Wedding

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