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  • Mozilla Firefox 50.0.2
    on Dec 1, 2016 in INTERNET Software
    Mozilla Firefox is a fast browser with full features for Windows, which makes browsing more efficient than ever before.Firefox includes pop-up, a tabbed browsing which lets you open multiple pages in one window.Excess Mozilla Firefox:1. Live Bookmark...
  • LiFi, Latest Generation Replacement WiFi
    on Dec 1, 2016 in Lifestyle Lifi News WiFi
    Li-Fi is a wireless technology that will replace the so-called Wi-Fi network. Li-Fi alone using light-based technologies (Visible Light Communication / VLC) to transmit data flow. In contrast to the Wi-Fi that actually uses radio waves to transmit da...
  • Bug Dork 2010
    on Nov 29, 2016 in Bug Dork IRC
    BUG RFI.scan /components/com_joomlalib/standalone/stubjambo.php?baseDir= "/index.php?option=com_easybook”.scan /assets/snippets/reflect/snippet.reflect.php?reflect_base= "/index.php?id=50?.scan /lib/adodb_lite/adodb-perf-module.inc.php?last_module=...
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Will Inherit Grace UX-owned Galaxy Note 7
    on Nov 29, 2016 in News
    Samsung has officially pulled out all the Galaxy Note 7 following a battery problem which resulted in many devices catch fire or explode. This product is no longer available on the market but its Grace UX will be passed on to other devices.Grace UX i...
  • GoPro Remo, Remote Command via Voice
    on Nov 29, 2016 in Digital Camera Gadget News
    Try to observe the photos below. How do I capture the moment cool and superfast this kind?Using the command via Timer actually be. You simply plug the camera that can be placed between the legs, and set a timer that roughly fit with the process of t...
  • Any Video Converter 6.0.5
    on Nov 28, 2016 in Audio Multimedia Utilities Video
    Any Video Converter is an All-in-One video conversion is very easy to use, convert quickly and the results excellent video quality.Any Video Converter can convert almost all video formats. It also supports any user defined video file formats as the o...
  • GOM Audio
    on Nov 28, 2016 in Audio Multimedia Software
    GOM Audio is a music player application made in Gretech Corp which you can use for audio files like MP3, OGG, WMA and more.GOM Audio Player has a fairly attractive interface and Soft, If the first you prefer using GOM Media Player Video player, Maybe...
  • This apparition Debris Caribou Aircraft Missing in Papua
    on Nov 28, 2016 in Indonesian Today News
    The search process cargo aircraft DHC-T Turbo Caribou PK-SWW owned by Regency Mimika lost contact Monday, October 31 yesterday finally bearing fruit. After the SAR team was deployed this morning, there was information that the plane had been found...
  • How Photographing Babies Without Trouble Photographer
    on Nov 28, 2016 in Tips and Tricks
    Everywhere we see the baby. Good on Facebook, Instagram, and Path, baby pictures strewn bath Know Round games that have become a phenomenon. If you love taking pictures of baby, you can not just take her picture. Sweet as they are, the baby was no...
  • BlueStacks App Player
    on Nov 27, 2016 in Android Multimedia Software Tools
    BlueStacks is a program used to run Android applications on your PC or Laptop.Want to play Android games on the laptop or computer?You can run Android apps on your PC by using the following software.By using this application you will be able to inst...
  • Apple Asking for Help LG Innotek Feature 3D camera in the iPhone 8
    on Nov 27, 2016 in News
    Dual cameras began to be presented on the Apple iPhone 7 plus the very significant increase in kemampun kemera than using a single sensor. This achievement did not make Apple feel satisfied, bearing the company's apple want to make the next iPhone'...
  • 10 Trends Smartphone in 2017
    on Nov 27, 2016 in News
    Smartphone trends change every year. For 2017, the devices that supply will be thinner, faster, and smarter than ever before. Features virtual reality (virtual reality / VR) will spread up to the level of budget smartphones, followed by display bette...
  • McAfee Stinger
    on Nov 25, 2016 in ANTI VIRUS Security Software
    McAfee Stinger is a portable antivirus that is used to detect and remove specific viruses to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system.McAfee Stinger is designed to detect viruses and remove them becomes easier compared...
  • K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 12.6.0
    on Nov 24, 2016 in Audio Software Tools Video
    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is a bundle of software that includes the K-Lite Codec Pack Full and Real Alternative. K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as a solution for players of all your movie file format. For those of you who like to watch videos and liste...
  • Panda Free Anti Virus 18.0.0
    on Nov 23, 2016
    Panda Cloud Antivirus is a lightweight tool that protects your PC from virus attacks, malware and so on. This software is relatively lightweight and fast as using cloud that scanning is handled by a remote server on the Panda Collective Intelligen...
  • Google Drive 1.32.3889.0961
    on Nov 23, 2016 in Software Tools
    Google Drive is a cloud service from Google that provides an online space to store all the data that we have such as work files, PDF files, mp3, photos and video.Google Drive itself is integrated with Google Docs, where the files that had been the...
  • Foxit Reader
    on Nov 20, 2016 in KOMPUTER Software Tools Utilities
    Foxit Reader allows you to create, view and print PDF's. The application is noticeably smaller than Adobe's Acrobat software and therefore makes it ideal for those of you who need a powerful program, which doesn't rely heavily upon system resources.F...
  • Ad-Aware Internet Security Pro v9.6.0
    on Nov 24, 2011
  • Ashampoo Video Styler v1.0.0 201 Full
    on Jul 21, 2011 in Multimedia Software
    Ashampoo Video Styler is the ideal program to jazz up your videos. With its user friendly program interface, many functions and filters you will easily turn your videos into impressive films.  Apply for example one of the numerous filters o...
  • Kaspersky Password Manager v5.0.0.150 Full
    on Jul 20, 2011 in Security ANTI VIRUS Software
    Kaspersky Password Manager is an indispensable tool for the active Internet user. It fully automates the process of entering passwords and other data into websites and saves the user going to the trouble of creating and remembering mul...