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  • Running WordPress on Heroku + Amazon RDS
    on Sep 16, 2011
    With the announcement of the Heroku and Facebook partnership yesterday, Heroku quietly confirmed support for two new languages, Python and PHP. The self-proclaimed polyglot platform, Heroku's Celadon Cedar Stack now has a considerable advantage over...
  • Live Data Replication Using lsyncd
    on Aug 29, 2011
    One of my favorite Linux utilities I've discovered recently is lsyncd, a live syncing (mirror) daemon. Following the traditional Unix philosophy, it does data replication simply and it does it very well. Using some fancy inotify magic, lsyncd will sp...
  • APC Cache Purge Plugin for WordPress
    on Aug 23, 2011
    After a recent WordPress update, I noticed that the admin panel did not correctly reflect the new version as indicated in the footer of the backend panel. I realized that the APC opcode cache was not flushed and therefore held on to cached versions o...
  • Alsatian Darn
    on Apr 22, 2011
    "Alsatian Darn" from the album "Tomboy" (2011) performed by Panda Bear.
  • Classy Web Development with Sinatra and Heroku
    on Apr 1, 2011
    Since my recent switch from WordPress to Jekyll, I've really enjoyed playing around with Ruby. Although I don't have much programming experience, I've been fascinated with one particular Ruby framework, Sinatra. Sinatra is a DSL (domain-specific lan...
  • Mounting S3 Buckets Using FUSE
    on Feb 22, 2011
    Over the past few days, I've been playing around with FUSE and a FUSE-based filesystem backed by Amazon S3, s3fs. Until recently, I've had a negative perception of FUSE that was pretty unfair, partly based on some of the lousy FUSE-based projects I h...
  • Minimum Viable Frameworks
    on Feb 18, 2011
    During the process of redesigning my personal blog, I evaluated several pieces of software including Jekyll, Flask (a Python micro-framework) and Toto among a few others. I decided to go with Jekyll as it seemed to meet most of my requirements: No...
  • Helplessness Blues
    on Jan 31, 2011
    "What's my name, what's my station. Oh just tell me what I should do. I don't need to be kind to the armies of night. That would do such injustice to you." Source: Fleet Foxes | Helplessness Blues...
  • Using WebFont Loader
    on Jan 22, 2011
    In the process of designing this site, I decided to use some custom fonts using the @font-face CSS attribute. In comparison to some of the other web font options (Cufon, sIFR, FLIR), the @font-face CSS method is simple, easy to implement and well sup...
  • WordCamp LA
    on Jan 18, 2011
    In September of last year, I was invited to speak at WordCamp LA on developing fast and scalable servers for WordPress. During the 30 or so minute presentation, I covered quite a few topics. I strayed away from the application layer side of things an...
  • A Response To Quality
    on Jan 15, 2011
    "Doing things the right way is hard, which is why most businesses take the lazy path and settle for mediocrity. People respond to quality, though: they reward it, in no small part because quality is such a rarity in today’s marketplace. Do right by...
  • PHP-FPM Plugin Suite For Munin
    on Sep 25, 2010
    Since switching from a spawn-fcgi implementation several months ago, I’ve been really pleased with PHP-FPM. Given some of the new statistical features included in newer versions (5.3.2+), I put together a plugin suite for Munin. I am not proficient...
  • Rails 3.0 with RVM, Nginx and Phusion Passenger
    on Sep 14, 2010
    Rails 3.0 is ponies and rainbows! Well, kinda. I've never been into Rails much but 3.0 has brought on some much needed features over previous versions, some of which deserve bullet points: Brand new router with an emphasis on RESTful declaratio...
  • Wilco and Intelligentsia Mug
    on Aug 22, 2010
    I love Wilco. I also love Coffee. So when the coffee-connoisseurs Intelligentsia teamed up with Chicago-based band, Wilco, to offer an exclusive Wilco/Intelligentsia co-branded mug, an impulse purchase was made. If you're interested in purchasing...
  • APC Plugin For Munin
    on May 25, 2010
    If you're like me, you want to monitor and graph every little piece of your server. Until recently, I've been relying on a simple PHP script to display APC statistics. Although the tool worked well, I wanted to integrate the statistics into Munin, as...
  • Simple Load Balancing Using Nginx
    on Apr 23, 2010
    While the concept of load balancing has been around for a while, using Nginx to do this is fairly new to me. Other common load balancers in use today are LVS, HAProxy, Perlbal and Pound. In this example, I am using 3 (ve) servers from Media Temple, e...
  • Fixing Unsupported Protocol Error with PECL
    on Jan 26, 2010
    After setting up PHP 5.2.10, I wanted to install a few additional modules using PECL. I found soon after that I was unable to do so, receiving the following error: is using a unsupported protocol - This should never happen. install fail...
  • Media Temple (gs) Grid Service Domain & MySQL Backups
    on Oct 25, 2009
    Having been on many shared hosting platforms before, I am fortunate enough to have a few (gs) Grid Services with (mt) Media Temple. Although no native backup tool currently exists for the (gs), I've created some simple backup scripts to backup the do...
  • Ditching Apple Mail for Postbox
    on Aug 26, 2009
    Until recently, I've been using Apple Mail for all of my email needs. Although we typically loathe Apple Mail for it's overall bugginess in my workplace, I've been apathetic and used it for nearly 2 years. In doing so has warranted some abuse from my...