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  • Gemini App Manager
    on Jul 2, 2011 in Tool Apps
    Developer : Grace.Liu Description This is a fast and powerful tool to manage your varity apps, which includes Risk indication, app Autorun Control(ROOT), Task Killer, Move app 2 SD card(Android 2.2 or later), Uninstaller, Backup apks to SD card...
  • Age of Conquest : Europe
    on Jun 27, 2011 in Strategy Games
    Developer : Noble Master Games Description Compete for Europe! IMPORTANT: Re-install the game if you have problems after the update. Also restart your phone (turn off completely)! The game works fine. Thanks! This is the SINGLE PLAYER version for...
  • PBA Bowling 2
    on Jun 26, 2011 in Sport Games
    Developer : Concrete Software, Inc. Description Polish your bowling shoes its bowling time!The biggest name in bowling, PBA®, brings internationally recognized players, such as Walter Ray Williams Jr., and locations, including newly added Detro...
  • Flight Director
    on Jun 25, 2011 in Action Game
    Developer : Camel Games Description Land planes in real airport maps from Google earth! Draw each of the planes a route to get them safely landed. Mind that if you don’t plan well, they’ll crash. *** 7 maps *** Screenshots Download Li...
  • Plants vs. Zombies (Official Version)
    on Jun 25, 2011 in Strategy Games
    Description Anda harus melawan para zombie dengan menggunakan  tanaman-tanaman yang benar-benar 'hidup'. Setiap tanaman memiliki fungsi yang berbeda-beda mulai dari penghasil cahaya matahari, penyerang zombie, hingga tanaman bom. Anda harus men...
  • Sony Ericsson WT18i
    on Jun 13, 2011 in News
     Setelah Sony Ericsson merilis Ponsel Android Pertama, W8. Sony akan mempersiapkan senjata baru yaitu Walkman W18i yang sebelumnya telah bocor. Ponsel ini masih menggunakan nama kode pabrikan karena Sony Ericsson belum secara resmi mengumumkan k...
  • Angry Birds Rio
    on Jun 13, 2011 in Action Game
    Developer : Rovio Mobile Ltd. Description The most exciting of avian adventures continues! What happens when everybody’s favourite fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get very angry! In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are ki...
  • Moron Test
    on Jun 13, 2011 in Casual Games
    Developer : DistinctDev, Inc. Description Check out The Moron Test, one of the top selling mobile games of all-time! Are you a complete idiot? What about your friends, coworkers, and family? Buy The Moron Test now and find out! Point and laugh at...
  • Big Shake
    on Jun 11, 2011 in Casual Games
    Developer : I@july Inc Description Tap start button. Shaking 10 seconds. Record high score. Hope you enjoy it ! Screenshots You can download Big Shake From...
  • Shadow Guardian HD
    on Jun 11, 2011 in Action Game
    Developer : Gameloft Description The mysterious Prima Materia, a powerful and precious relic that has been at the center of occult legends for millennia, has become a real threat. Hidden in a remote temple, it is sought after by a group of dange...
  • Teka - Teki
    on Jun 10, 2011 in Casual Games
    Developer : Yoyo Games LTD Description Feed the animals in this addictively simple puzzle game Teka Teki is a unique, tetris-style puzzle game where you must group similar food tiles together so that the animal tiles can eat more in one shot, rak...
  • Army Sniper
    on Jun 10, 2011 in Action Game
    Developer : Words Mobile Description Turn you android phone into a battle field and snipe all your enemies. You are an elite army sniper and an unsung hero in the war against new terrorism. Combining the fast pace of action games with the satisf...
  • Kelereng (Beta version)
    on Jun 9, 2011 in Casual Games
    Developer : The Wali Studio Description imple marble game with 27 levels. Hit other marbles to go outside the marked areas, but your marble should not stop inside marked areas. Beta version, so you can give any input for this game development. Scre...
  • Androidify
    on Jun 9, 2011 in Entertainment App
    Developer : Google Inc Description : Get ready to make Android your own. Androidify yourself by customizing the little green Android as yourself, your family, your friends, anyone! Stretch it , shrink it, add a hoody, style its hair, throw on som...
  • Candle Free
    on Jun 9, 2011 in Entertainment App
    Developer : Progimax Description : Enjoy the benefits of candlelight without the dripping wax and risk of burning your Victorian manor to the ground. Light the pages of your favorite Gothic romance novel, look for your lost keys in the dark, add...
  • Metal Detector
    on Jun 8, 2011 in Entertainment App
    Developer : Kurt Radwanski DescriptionTurns your cell phone into a metal detector, and makes people with iPhones jealous.*OPEN HELP FIRST*If you're @ a PC, it'll screw with the readings, so set it on a desk, zero, then wave stuff on top of it.*It can...
  • X-Ray Scanner
    on Jun 8, 2011 in Entertainment App
    Developer : Kreci.Net Description This application helps you to fake x-ray scan to have fun!IT IS NOT REAL X-RAY AND IT DOES NOT USE CAMERA! IT IS A PRANK WITH MOVING PHOTO! (Tilt phone to change direction - PLEASE READ HOW TO)! You will need...
  • The Wars
    on Jun 8, 2011 in Strategy Games
    Developer : Deluxe Ware Screenshots : You can download The Wars for Android here...
  • Go Launcher EX
    on Jun 8, 2011 in Personalization Apps
    Developer : Go Launcher Dev Team Description Extended version of GO Launcher, one of the most popular home application. GO Launcher EX is the extended version of GO Launcher, one of the most popular home apps in Android Market. It’s a highly cu...
  • Waktu Shalat
    on Jun 8, 2011 in Lifestyle
    Developer : Khad Mobile App Description Listen to the call for prayer for Indonesia time Menampilkan waktu shalat di Indonesia. Lokasi anda akan terdeteksi otomatis. Saat waktu shalat anda akan mendengar adzan. http://shalat.landak.com/ Shubuh 20° M...