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Ann - A Friend of Jesus 2013


Sharing life through the Word of God with love, encouragement and faith in challenging times (smile).

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connecting what at first seems unconnected in a world that seems more unconnected


Celebration of Knowledge and Goodness. Adventurous Christian Lifestyle Design. Empowering ordinary.. Christian men and women of all ages to seek and retain accurate knowledge and move forward toward.. their goals.

Tags: Christian Motivation, Independant Learning, Christian Think Tank, Christian Education, Individual Empowerment


A saved sinner living in the now-but-not-yet

64. Best Way


Islamic Wallpapers Education And Information

Tags: Islam, Quran, Namaz, Islamic Wallpapers, ALLAH


Islamic Wallpapers audio video Naats Calligraphy islamic Art.

Tags: Wallpapers, Calligraphy, Audio Video Mp3, Islamic, Quran


A place to share what time in the Word and life combined sound like when filtered through the Holy.. Spirit. Combination of apologetics, inspiration, and bible study.

Tags: God, Jesus, Truth, Wisdom, Love


Christian reflections on life, spirituality and everything from a moderate evangelical-charismatic.. viewpoint with a distinct missional slant.

Tags: Christian, Methodist, evangelical, missional, charismatic


"In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those.. who don't. " (Blaise Pascal) - Honest thoughts on faith and doubt and Christianity. For.. the more "thinking" type of Christian.

Tags: Christianity, doubt, faith, apologetics, calvinism


Examining the politics and events of the day in light of the Throne of God

Tags: Jeremiah, Sovereignty of God, Throne of God


early and current research; unstructured open_notes; quotes; excerpts; definitions; comments.. past-and-present; comprehension illustrations; conjecture; links ...

Tags: Mammon, Messiah, Evil, Corporatism, Family of God


Get Encourage and Inspired with weekly blogs on how to life a Spirit filled life

Tags: Spirit, Love, Women, God, Lord


Powerful sermons and documentaries from Seventh-day Adventist Church preachers and scholars.

Tags: Adventist, Sermons, Seventh-day Adventist, SDA, Biblical Archaeology


Musings about religion, both ancient and modern.

Tags: religion, culture, Bible, books, education

74. RE: Think


As a Christian teacher, theologian, and student of scripture, this blog is an extension of my.. passion for sharing God's word and the knowledge of Christ. You will find Bible commentary,.. doctrinal discussion, teaching aids, and more.

Tags: theology, christology, christ, bible, doctrine


Meditation and Healing with Yoga and Health Information

Tags: meditation, healing, cosmic healing, yoga, aura


this blog is about indian spirituality

Tags: spirituality, prayer, saints


A photo blog featuring Islamic photos and wallpapers.

Tags: Islam, Photos, Wallpapers, HDR, HD

Follow was originally created to chronicle my Spiritual Journey as a recently Ordained.. Minister, but has ended up being a repository for my “Morning Emails to God” that I post each.. day to my Facebook Wall.

Tags: Faith, God, Inspiration, Spirituality, Emails to God


Religion of Islam

Tags: spirit, soul, heaven and hell, nur muhammad, jinn


Encouragement from the Bible about God's love and positive designs for your life. Each post.. takes a verse of scripture and offers a meditation of comfort and hope.

Tags: Bible, God, love, hope, encouragement


Stories and tales that teach morals and illustrate Bible truth. They are suitable to read to kids,.. use in classroom, or when giving a talk.

Tags: Bible illustrations, fables, moral story, teaching illustration, lesson illustration


Inspirational Devotional Encouraging Christian living

Tags: Christian inspirational, Life in Christ, Christian blog, Devotional, Christian living


A devotional blog by David Good about the pursuit of living life the way God intended us to live.

Tags: llife, God, bible, Christianity, religion


Each day I continue to grow in my faith as God teaches me new things about my purpose and place in.. this world.

Tags: faith, divorce, legalism, grace


The Courage of the Spirit:The story of Europe's Jewry in the 20 th Century from family accounts.. and documents

Tags: Holocaust, survivors, World War II, Germany, Poland


Militan Kampus, Pengembangan Potensi, Qur'an Sunnah pedoman PASTI

Tags: Politik Islam, Islam, Pemikiran, Peradaban, Tafakur


Seed that will reap fruit and nourish the soul.

88. NaatCity


search for authentic information about Islam at NaatCity

Tags: Naatcity, Free naat downloads, dawat e islami, free speeches downloads, Free Lecture Downloads


A blog dedicated to help others discover and live in the Reign of God.

Tags: Jesus Christ, Kingdom of God, Bible, Christianity, Mac Dumcum


all about supranatiral,alternative medicine,javanese culture

Tags: supranatural, magic, alternatif medicine, javanese, culture

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