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Ann - A Friend of Jesus 2013


Sharing life through the Word of God with love, encouragement and faith in challenging times (smile).

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Spiritual vitality comes through Holy Spirit as messages to you; come and enjoy the fruits of your.. petitions as we explore Christ.

Tags: Inspiration, Re-Birth, Vitality, Renewal, Scripture


A collection of stories from around the world about people who turned life's lemons into.. lemonade.

Tags: Hope, Inspiration, Overcoming Obstacles, Survival, Faith

154. Dad Talk


A view from the heart of a Christian father

Tags: Father, Family, Jesus, relationships, counseling


The discuss between believers and non believers, with Scholar quotes about religion and gods.

Tags: atheist quotes, atheism quotes, religion quotes, god quotes, scholar quotes


50000 people lying on the ground weeping. God’s word broke down their walls of sin and pride. They.. could be heard weeping for miles. This is true revival. God’s word so piercing that people fell on.. their knees and cried, God save me!

Tags: revival, Jerusalem gates, hear God, Bible, Christianity


A glimpse into the life of a schizophrenic writer with the personalities of a Christ follower,.. husband, pastor, worshipper, musician, critic, and so much more. (See? Maybe you aren’t the only.. crazy one out there!)

Tags: Christian, Worship Pastor, Funny, Life, Husband





Ministering to inner city children

Tags: children's ministry, urban ministry, inner city, kidmin, at risk youth



Islamic articles, Islamic picture, Islam and science,

Tags: Islam, Islamism, articles, picture, islam and science


This is a life and death issue. Who can enter heaven? Not everyone. Jesus mentioned that only.. through the narrow gate and difficult path can one enter. For those who do not believe in the.. supernatural, spiritual reality of God, alas, no entry.

Tags: Bible, Faith, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit


quran reading, online quran, listen quran, quran reciter, holy quran, kids quran

Tags: read quran, learn quran online, kids quran, quran reading, learning quran online


I would like to share the messages that I have been receiving daily that influences greatly my.. spiritual life. I hope that you also find it inspirational as well as motivational.

Tags: god, catholic, christian, prayers, bible


I think in metaphors and pictures. No two people see Anything from the same perspective. Everything.. I see and write about here should inspire and encourage. I am as in interested in your thoughts and.. perspective.

Tags: Hope, Faith, Family, Marriage, Children


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How many Millionaire's In The U.S.? The U.S. had 3.1 million millionaires in 2010, up from 2.86.. million in 2009. The latest figure tops the pre-crisis peak of three million.

Tags: wealth, millionaire, money, coaching, prosperity


christmas cards, christmas greeting, christmas city, personalized christmas, christmas tree,.. ornaments christmas, christmas songs, christmas music, merry christmas, christmas gifts, christmas.. lyrics

Tags: christmas cards, christmas greeting, christmas city,, personalized christmas, christmas songs


Jack becomes aware of a spiritual reality. Prayers and intercessions are spiritual. When one prays,.. one acknowledges the reality of the spiritual God. One invokes spiritual power. Events in the.. spiritual then become reality in the physical realm.

Tags: prayer power, spiritual reality, watchman, Jerusalem peace, City of God


Christian Personal Development website [Dream Believe and Manifest] aimed at empowering those who.. desire to fulfill their God given potential. Topics covered deal with success, understanding self.. and others, overcoming adversity and personal happiness.

Tags: Christian Personal Development, Christian, Personal Development, Self Help, Help

Follow is about crossing mind limits with help of "The Bhagwad Gita”.This is.. one side,the other being entertaining music videos I love,about news,.. people,investments,places..this web place is about exploring unlimited human will.

Tags: Lord Krishna, Real Happiness, Neutrality, Higher Entertainment, True Love


learn quran, read quran, quran, learn islam, learning quran online, Learn Quran Tajweed, Quran.. Memorization , Quran Recitation Online, Quran tutor Online, Quraan Qur'aan

Tags: quran, koran, isamic education, articles, live tutor

172. Soul Grain


Seed that will reap fruit and nourish the soul.


The truth of life, tips of life and a Islamic introduction site. Guidance in a person life.

Tags: Presense, Existance, Islam, Allah, Muhammad


Ramadhan Sites or Blog this is all about information for puasa ramadhan

Tags: ramadhan, puasa, shaum, islam, moslem


Articles on the gods, goddesses, festivals, and religious beliefs of the Romans.

Tags: Rome, gods, goddess


The perfect blog to learn about Jesus for believers, and non-believers :)


A History of Christianity, Introduction to the Coptic Church, The Encyclopedia of Saints, Unmasking.. Islam

Tags: A History of Christianity, the Coptic Church, The Encyclopedia of Saints, The Lost History of Christianity, Unmasking islam


Here is the information on shanidev, Shani shingnapur, Pictures, Shani dev Temples, Video, Mp3,.. shani Bhajan, Aarti of shani dev, Shani Mahima, Online Bhajan, Photo, and Snaps of Shani Dev of.. Shingnapur

Tags: shani dev, shani shingnapur, shani dev Bhajan, shani mahima, hindu god shanidev


A collection of video and text sermons, music and documentaries from the Seventh day Adventist.. Church.

Tags: adventist music, adventist sermons, Seventh day Adventist Church, Documentaries, Bible doctrines


Jack discovered at the Fountain Gate that he can only be cleansed by the blood of Christ, the Word,.. and the Holy Spirit. He witnessed the Holy Spirit filling a 73 year old grandma who hungered for.. God’s words, believed and trusted God completely.

Tags: Jerusalem Gates, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Spirit-filled, deliverance

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