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Latest Blog Posts for A Water Life

  • Tomtate
    on Oct 17, 2011
    Like other grunts, this species is a schooling fish often found in large groups around natural and artificial reefs. Thin-bodied, the tomtate is silver-white for the most part and has a yellow-tan stripe in the length of its form, resolution in a...
  • Permit
    on Oct 17, 2011 in Permit Fish P Saltwater
    They are primarily a schooling fish when younger, traveling in groups of 10 or more. In on the whole presence, the permit is a brightly silver fish with gloom fins and a dim or radiant blue to greenish or faded back. The midsection is regularly...
  • Ricefish
    on Oct 8, 2011 in Freshwater Fish Ricefish R
    The ricefishes are a family (Adrianichthyidae) of small ray-finned fish that are found in fresh and brackish waters. The majority of the proposed species are actually minor, making them of investment for aquaria. The heftiest species, the Buntingi, i...
  • Zebrafish
    on Oct 8, 2011 in Freshwater Fish Z Zebrafish
     Life-span in captivity is around 2–3 years, although in ideal conditions, may extend to 5 years. The zebrafish is local to the streams of the southeastern Himalayan region, incorporating the nations India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar...
  • Pencil Fish
    on Oct 8, 2011 in Freshwater Fish Pencil Fish P
    Several of the individual species have a distribution nearly as vast.  Nannostomus is a class of fish having a place with the Lebiasinidae tribe of Characins. Every last trace of the species in this variety are regarded as Pencil Fish or Pencilfish.
  • Delta Smelt
    on Oct 4, 2011 in Freshwater Fish D Delta Smelt Saltwater
    Because of its one-year life cycle and relatively low fecundity, it is very susceptible to changes in the environmental conditions of its native habitat. The delta smelt is a pelagic (lives in the open water column away from the bottom) and euryhalin...
  • Croaker
    on Oct 4, 2011
    They are found worldwide, in both fresh and saltwater, and are typically benthic carnivores, feeding on invertebrates and smaller fish. Croaker have an extended dorsal fin getting to practically to the tail, and an indent amidst the beams and spines...
  • Bigmouth Buffalo
    on Oct 3, 2011 in Freshwater Fish B Bigmouth Buffalo
    The bigmouth buffalo are group spawners which produce 250,000 eggs/kg of adult weight, their eggs are approximately 1.5 mm in diameter.  The bigmouth buffalo is a dull tanish olive shade with shadowy fins. Enjoy alternate suckers it has an extended...
  • Hagfish
    on Oct 1, 2011
    Hagfish have no true fins and have six or eight barbels around the mouth and a single nostril. Hagfish are marine craniates of the class Agnatha or Myxini, moreover reputed to be Hyperotreti. Some specialists respect Myxini as not having a place with...
  • Blue-Eyed Pleco
    on Sep 22, 2011 in Freshwater Blue-Eyed Pleco Fish B
    Blue-eyed pleco have been kept as aquarium fish, and were decently mainstream the same time as the 1980's and early 1990's. The blue-eyed pleco (Panaque cochliodon), is a herbivorous freshwater armored catfish from South America. It is nearly...
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