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Latest Blog Posts for Edible Mushrooms

  • Edible Mushrooms Chart
    on Jun 25, 2012
    Edible Mushrooms ChartEdible Mushroom Chart for reference and knowledge, to distinguish from the poisonous mushroooms.
  • Edible Mushroom List
    on Jun 18, 2012
    Edible Mushroom ListChanterellesThe yellow or golden chanterelle mushroom (Cantharellus cibarius) is known as the glamorous mushroom, prized for its golden appearance and fruity aroma and flavor. These distinctive characteristics make it seem more li...
  • Commercially harvested wild edibles Mushrooms
    on Dec 7, 2011 in edible mushrooms
    Commercially harvested wild edible MushroomsSome edible mushrooms list are as follow :Hydnum coralloides. Some species are difficult to cultivate, others (particularly mycorrhizal species) have not yet been successfully cultivated. Some of these spec...
  • Commercially cultivated Mushrooms
    on Oct 20, 2011 in edible mushrooms
    COMMERCIALLY CULTIVATED MUSHROOMSEdible MushroomsHome cultivated shiitake developing over approximately 24 hours. Mushroom cultivation has a long history.Agaricus bisporus, also known as champignon and the button mushroom. This species also includes...
  • Conditionally edible mushrooms species
    on Sep 15, 2011 in edible mushrooms
    CONDITIONALLY EDIBLE MUSHROOMS SPECIESThere are a number of edible mushrooms that are considered choice by some and toxic by others. In some cases, proper preparation can remove some or all of the toxins.Amanita muscaria is edible if parboiled to le...
  • Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)
    on Sep 7, 2011 in edible mushrooms
    Edible Mushrooms: Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) Description: Those hardy souls who take long winter walks are sometimes treated to the sight of a snow-capped mass of fresh oyster mushrooms growing on a tree or log. This large white, tan or...
  • Edible Mushrooms
    on Aug 8, 2011 in edible mushrooms
    EDIBLE MUSHROOMS All of the edible mushrooms shown here are distinctive in some obvious way. Once you learn their distinguishing features, you won't confuse them with any dangerously poisonous species. Along with each illustration is a brief descript...
  • History of Edible mushrooms
    on Aug 1, 2011 in edible mushrooms
    History of Edible Mushroom. Edible mushrooms, or wild edible fungi, have been collected and consumed by people for thousands of years. The archaeological record reveals edible species associated with people living 13 000 years ago in Chile (Rojas an...
  • Edible Mushroom:PUFFBALLS (LYCOPERDON)
    on Nov 7, 2009 in edible mushrooms
    PUFFBALLS (LYCOPERDON spp. and CALVATIA spp.)Edible Mushrooms..Description: Depending on their size, puffballs have been mistaken at a distance for everything from golf balls to sheep.These round or pear-shaped edible mushrooms are almost always whit...
  • Edible Mushroom: MORELS
    on Nov 7, 2009 in edible mushrooms
    Edible Mushroom: MORELS Edible Mushrooms (Morchella spp.) Description: Sponge, pinecone and honeycomb mushroom-the nicknames of the morel-are all appropriate. Morels are easy to recognize and delicious to eat, making them the most popular wild mushro...
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