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Latest Blog Posts for The Daily Farce

  • The Independent: Slow News or Devious Plan?The Independent today made a decision that would have usually been beyond it's usual, more reasonable slow news day items. A slow news day sometimes cannot be avoided, but what news outlets choose to peddle on these days can sometimes fall into the r...
  • 5 Ways UK Politicians Have Screwed You in the Past Year
    on Nov 26, 2014
    People have been unhappy with governments since they were invented; after all, they're only people, and let's not forget it was people who killed Jesus. But recently, the UK has been firing up the election engine and all the main political parties ha...
  • Tories Tighten Grip on the Internet
    on Nov 25, 2014
    The Government has today unveiled legislation that they claim is designed to combat terror. Under the new laws, the Government will have the right to restrict travel and entry to the country if they are suspected of terrorist activity. While this may...
  • Never Mind the Bollocks: UKIP Goes Punk
    on Jun 9, 2014
    UKIP, in a stunning and moving tribute, payed honour to the Punk era of music, by erecting some studded concrete outside its headquarters in London.A UKIP source revealed: "Mr Farage has always been a big fan of Punk bands, he has a collection i...
  • The Whitehall Brawl: May Vs. GoveBoxing fans are tonight getting ready for one of the biggest showdowns in Coalition history; Theresa "One Punch" May against Michael "Badboy" Gove in what promises to be the fight of the century.Tension began brewing between the two camps after Gove...
  • John Major Shocked that Toffs Run the Country!
    on Nov 11, 2013
    John Major has stated what he believes to be the shocking extent of the grip that the "Elite" have on public life in the UK. Mr Major was speaking to the South Norfolk Conservative Association, where he described the current state of the rich classes...
  • The Woolwich Murder and the Communications Data Bill
    on May 24, 2013
    So today, Nick Clegg is under pressure from Labour peers Lord West and Lord Reid to revive the Communications Data Bill that would allow authorities access to private communications across the digital spectrum. This is being suggested in light of the...
  • The Olympics: One Big, Fat Advertising Exercise
    on Apr 23, 2012
    With the start of the London Olympics less than 100 days away, is anyone apart from Seb Coe really excited? I, for one, am not. Why would I be excited about the £24 BILLION that it's supposedly going to cost us taxpayers? And what have we done with...
  • Murdoch slams UK Government - Pot, Kettle, Black?
    on Apr 23, 2012
    Rupert Murdoch has lashed out at the Government ahead of his appearance at the Journalistic Standards inquiry next week. He called plans to donate £10 billion to the IMF and the Pasty Tax on hot food "Mad" in messages sent over Twitter.Now excuse us...
  • Stealing Candy from a Baby: Government Takes Away Free School Meals
    on Apr 19, 2012 in stealing candy from a baby
    That's how I remember it!In proposed changes to the benefit system, the Government is risking taking away free school meals from the poorest kids in society. Under the reforms, which will see benefits lumped into a "Universal Credit" system, would pu...
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