This is a rant blog. Inspired by stand-up comedians like Doug Stanhope, Bill Hicks, and George Carlin, as well as writers like Douglas Adams, Maddox, and Larry David, and a dash of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, SFF skewers societal norms.

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Latest Blog Posts for Sweet Funky Freedom

  • Racism and Sexism Isn't As Prevalent as the MSM Wants You To Think
    on Dec 2, 2016
    You know PC / SJW culture is reaching a tipping point when people actually within minority groups are so vehemently against the rhetoric that's supposed to be "protecting" them. Like Dinesh here.Look at the passion he displays when making his points,...
  • No Man's Sky Synthwave Playlist (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    on Aug 19, 2016
    Who has been playing No Man's Sky, show of hands? Ok, now who has been playing No Man's Sky has enjoyed the gameplay, but is getting tired of gunning down innocent space creatures to the same songs again and again? Let me get a head count...all right...
  • Guitar Shred Videos | Jon of the Shred
    on Aug 13, 2016
    I got a job recently working security on very slow shifts. You basically get paid hourly to stay awake. Since starting there roughly a month to two months ago, there have been several people fired for falling asleep on the job. So what better way to...
  • Troll Hunting 19: Joshua Dorie Is A Limp Wristed Little Bitch
    on Aug 7, 2016
    Why I post in the Facebook "Cringespotting" group, I do not know. It seems like everyone in there is constantly walking on egg shells, trying not to be deemed "Cringe worthy" themselves. They'll post something, then quickly edit their post saying "Th...
  • Hollywood's New Formula: Pander to SJW's (Ghostbusters)
    on Jul 10, 2016
    I already made a post about the unnecessary Ghostbusters remake and how terrible it looked. Well, the movie dropped, and it looks like the verdict is in - everyone seems too afraid to review the movie honestly. Judging by the trailers, the movie look...
  • Pokemon Go Review | Exercise & Social AwarenessUnless you've been living under a crack rock, you're likely well aware of the launch of Nintendo's "Pokemon Go," the app sweeping the world unlike any other since Snapchat, Tinder, and Grindr. Pokemon Go is already wildly popular, and it is safe to a...
  • "Letters to My Future White Sons" I Wouldn't Count On It, Cunts
    on Jun 30, 2016
    Holy fuck, I think I found the worst video on youtube.I love the deep breath the one on the right takes before they go into their self-hating, anti-white (despite the fact they are white) diatribe. You can tell how important they feel their opinion i...
  • I Stopped A Fight Outside the Bar Last Night
    on Jun 27, 2016
    Being amped up after the season finale of Game of Thrones and being only two 40 oz's of cheap beer deep, I decided to hit the bar for $1 drafts accordingly. After a few additional hours of drinking, the patrons in the bar spilled outside to have a...
  • The Slaps Heard Around the World: Rich Piani and Jason Genova
    on Jun 24, 2016
      After finishing their pose for the photograph, Rich Piani and Jason Genova both relaxed. Before either of them return to a normal stance, however, Jason Genova's smug smirk deepens as he proudly informs the hulking, demonic looking syntho...
  • Someone Told Me My Dreads Are Cultural Appropriation
    on Jun 20, 2016
    It finally happened. Someone finally called me out for "cultural appropriation," and of all places it occurred on good ol' Plenty of Fish / Plenty of Whales / Plenty of Single Moms / Bottom of the Barrel dot com. (Yea, I know, pretty pitiful to be on...
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