A refinery is a production facility composed of a group of chemical engineering unit processes and unit operations used for refining certain materials or converting raw material into products of value.

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    According to the National Cancer Institute, nearly 40, 000 women have died from breast cancer this year alone. This type of cancer affects both men and women each year, although it is fairly rare in men. This post will talk a little bit about what yo...
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  • Cupellation
    on Jul 26, 2009 in Refinery Gold Cupellation
    Cupellation is a process used to separate noble metals such as gold or silver from base metals such as lead. It is often used to assay gold in order to test its purity. Sometimes cupellation is called "fire assaying." It was formerly the usual proces...
  • Treating and Blending the FractionsDistillated and chemically processed fractions are treated to remove impurities, such as organic compounds containing sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, water, dissolved metals and inorganic salts. Treating is usually done by passing the fractions through the...
  • Chemical ProcessingYou can change one fraction into another by one of three methods: breaking large hydrocarbons into smaller pieces (cracking) combining smaller pieces to make larger ones (unification) rearranging various pieces to make desired hydrocarbons (alteratio...
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  • How Oil Refining Works
    on Jun 11, 2009 in Oil Refining Refinery Oil refinery
    The Refining Process As mentioned previously, a barrel of crude oil has a mixture of all sorts of hydrocarbons in it. Oil refining separates everything into useful substances. Chemists use the following steps: The oldest and most common way to sepa...
  • Fractional DistillationPhoto courtesy Phillips PetroleumDistillation columns in an oil refinery The various components of crude oil have different sizes, weights and boiling temperatures; so, the first step is to separate these components. Because they have different boi...
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