A Dad writing about his thoughts, adventures, and maybe a couple tips as Nate grows up.

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Latest Blog Posts for Thoughts of Nate's Dad

  • Banana, Watermelon, and Cheese Please!
    on May 16, 2010 in food
    So after a few months of eating solid foods there appear to be three foods in which Nate certainly shows a preference. I think if we just fed him banana, watermelon, and cheese cubes he would be very happy. Nate eats solid food very well and will e...
  • Nate's Travels for the Week
    on May 3, 2010 in travel
    So last week Nate logged a lot of miles in cars. The previous weekend we did our final move from Austin to Houston. Then mid-week Nate went back with me to take care of some last odds and ends in Austin. That included final clean up and closing on...
  • Climbing and cruising
    on Apr 21, 2010 in climbing walking cruising
    Over the last week Nate has gone from trying to pull-up to a standing position on everything to pulling-up and then trying to climb up on things and doing some cruising. I'm thinking he would be doing more cruising if we weren't in a rather sparsely...
  • More Teeth
    on Apr 14, 2010 in teething
    We believe Nate is getting in more teeth. Nate has been a little fussy of late, plus he seems to be drooling more, and he even has a little runny nose. Nate only has six teeth so far, but those seem to be the tell-tale signs of new teeth coming in.
  • What will Nate get into next
    on Apr 12, 2010 in babyproofing
    Nate has shown that he is pretty good at getting into things. He has no problem opening cabinets, drawers, and unlatched doors. More baby-proofing in store for me. This weekend he proved that his skills of using his fingers are getting better. He...
  • No more doorstops
    on Apr 7, 2010 in babyproofing
    Suddenly all the doorstops in our house have disappeared. For quite some time these were one of Nate's favorite toys. You would hear that boing, boing noise quite often. Now Nate has an affinity for taking these off the wall. I guess you could sa...
  • Things have calmed down
    on Apr 6, 2010 in moving stay at home crawling food
    It has been a whirlwind of late. I've been putting together this long list of topics to talk about, but for some reason nothing has seem to been written down.So here is the full update. My wife was offered a great opportunity in Houston, TX. She h...
  • All alone with Nate
    on Feb 26, 2010 in stay at home
    Recent events have been testing my skills as a parent. My wife went back to work recently and as part of that she was away from Nate and I for a while. I've taken some time off from my job to take care of Nate until we get a few details under contr...
  • Crawling forward
    on Jan 29, 2010 in crawling
    So we believe Nate has figured out how to get out of reverse. He has been crawling for a little while now, but he couldn't seem to figure out how to get it in first gear and move forward. Over the last couple days he seems to have pretty much figur...
  • Bumbo no more
    on Jan 28, 2010 in sitting
    One of the items that Nate has used a lot of late has been a bumbo baby seat. He would happily sit in the bumbo and play with his toys. I use play lightly as he was really taking all of them and trying to put them in his mouth. We've been putting Na...
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