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Latest Blog Posts for Bad Hebrew Tattoos

  • When A Dictionary Leaves Its Mark on You
    on Apr 7, 2013 in mangled meaning
    This little gem was sent in by Amit, and is just too good to pass. As the story goes, this girl wanted to write "I love XXX" (boyfriend's name) in Hebrew and tried to accomplish the task using Babylon translation software. Well, if you read this si...
  • Strength? You'll Need It!Today's victim really did try. She even asked an Israeli friend to provide the correct translation for her Hebrew tattoo, but to no avail. Tattoos done in Hebrew just have a special way of always going wrong... This Hebrew tattoo, which was discove...
  • Gnome In Natural Habitat
    on Jan 15, 2011 in mystery
    Sometimes, Hebrew tattoos can be all too funny. Take this cute scene, that was forwarded here by Reut, as a prime example: The tattoo reads in Hebrew as "Gamad", which translates to Gnome. Why did he do it? No idea! Most likely it's...
  • There's Something Lacking...
    on Dec 11, 2010 in misspelled sloppy styling
    Today's victim was going for a spiritual ring tattoo. She wanted "Mercy" tattooed in Hebrew on her finger, but I guess God had other plans... There's just a tiny incorrectness in one of the Hebrew letters. A small lack of a line, and this tattoo sp...
  • Statue Comes to (Misspelled) Life
    on Dec 8, 2010 in misspelled sloppy styling
    This is a statue. It resides in The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and spells out Ahava (Love in Hebrew), somewhat artistically. The design became famous, and can be found in Hebrew jewelry and tattoos all over. Incorrect to one degree...
  • The Daddygirl Has No Need For GrammarToday we have a Hebrew tattoo of something unusual, the Daddygirl. I guess Daddygirls happen when men who have children undergo sex transformation? Well, here's one of these rare creatures, boasting her trans-gendered fatherly pr...
  • Her Name was Lost in Rotation
    on Nov 28, 2010 in names misspelled sloppy styling
    When I first saw this tattoo, I thought it wasn't Hebrew writing at all. It looks like some weird script, Martian maybe? The victim claims this Hebrew-like doodle to be her name, and on closer inspection I realized that it really was. It...
  • There's Some Gibberish on your Foot
    on Nov 16, 2010 in mystery gibberish
    I've stumbled on some fresh bad Hebrew ink today, and here it is for your viewing pleasure: Two feet. Two girls. Two unknown Hebrew somethings. This Hebrew tattoo begins with a Mem Sofit (a letter that only goes at the end of a word) whi...
  • The Deathly Hate of Love
    on Nov 6, 2010 in mangled meaning misspelled
    Misspelling your Hebrew tattoo can lead to funny results, as we've seen before with semolina boys, the egg girl and several others. This tattoo is no exception: Today's victim was going for a poetic message: "Loyalty before love" tattooed in Hebrew...
  • Two Letters Short of a Sentence
    on Oct 30, 2010 in mangled meaning misspelled
    Today's victim went for a famous quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, for his Hebrew tattoo: "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". He miscalculated just a little bit: I don't know what happened here, maybe this victim didn't have enough m...
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