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Latest Blog Posts for Ancient Bicycle

  • Can the Bicycle Save the World?
    on Feb 6, 2011
    There were 45 of us, brave souls all. Under an optimistic blue sky, we stood with our bicycles on the shores of the Bosporus on the Asian side of Istanbul, posing for the camera, helmets strapped on. The date, August 4th, 2007. In 15 minutes, we w...
  • Pioneer of Modern Schwinn BicyclesNo one knows when the timeliness of the bike on this earth. Since long time there was an ancient vehicle which has something like a bicycle. At the time people know the simplest scooter was in the year 1790, long before the existing vehicles can b...
  • Having Fun With Beach Bicycles
    on Feb 6, 2011 in Having Fun With Beach Bicycles
    A beach bicycle is as sleek as it is comfortable, as useful as it is individualistic. For people who love to relax and look good, there is no better vehicle to cruise the beach than a beach bicycle.Beach bicycles first appeared in the 1960s. Sound...
  • Bicycle Tour Europe - Top 5 Cycling Regions of ItalyOne of the most visited European destinations for bicycle touring is Italy. You will not be alone as many local cyclists also fill the bicycle paths and country roads. Surprisingly, Italians are very gentle when passing cyclists so do not let thei...
  • Top 7 Global Locations for Bicycle Holidays
    on Feb 6, 2011
    Jump on a mountain bike for healthy off-road holiday exercise, or maybe a road bike for more well travelled, sealed paths.CambodiaThe awesome ancient temples of Angkor are scattered over the landscape just outside the Cambodian town of Siem Reap. E...
  • Reader Project: Pete's Mystery "Aircycle" Bike
    on May 7, 2010 in reader projects 19?? Aircycle
    Yeah, I'm still here. Just busy with non-blog and non-bike stuff lately and for the foreseeable future as well, but I'll try to get back to semi-regular blogging here. Thanks to my loyal readers and lurkers for being patient.This first post after my...
  • Digitized Catalogues at the National Cycle Library (UK)
    on May 7, 2010 in history English bikes links
    Doing some research on Phillips today, I found myself checking in with the website of the British National Cycling Collection. It has been a while since I visited, and to my great surprise and delight, I found that they've digitized much more of thei...
  • San Diego Tweed RidePhotos from the First Annual San Diego Tweed Ride, in which my wife and I rode (sort of, see link below) with our 1955 Huffy Sportsman and 1977 Schwinn Suburban. It even rained, which is pretty rare here.
  • Mobile Museum of Material Culture
    on May 7, 2010 in mailbag links
    Artist Kara Ginther has been on the Interwebs a lot lately. You might have seen her hand-carving on leather saddles at To Be, Inspired, or BoingBoing, or Chic Cyclists. While her leatherwork has been getting most of the attention (and rightfully so),...
  • Salvaging a Hub, Part II
    on May 7, 2010 in Sturmey-Archer cleaning tips hubs how to
    The final cleanup on the salvaged Sturmey-Archer TCW III was accomplished by scraping the remaining rust off with a razor blade, then several rounds of polishing with rubbing compound and Brasso. Some areas of the chrome have been cosmetically damage...
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