Natural bodybuilding and strength training blog. Detailing my thoughts on how to build strength without steroids, including posts of workouts and diet. Also includes information on how to manage gout whilst trying to build strength.

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Latest Blog Posts for Lifting Report

  • Bench with 5/3/1 week 2
    on Aug 15, 2010 in Training
    Week 2 of 5/3/1 for flat bench. I naused up and left my percentages at home, I remembered my max set would be 117.5kg but couldn't remember what I should be doing leading up to this, so I improvised. Wasn't sure how it would go today as I was pr...
  • Junking
    on Aug 14, 2010 in Nutrition
    Time for my favourite posting - junk days. I started junking Friday night, so back on the healthy stuff tomorrow (Sunday instead of Monday). Awesome, I treated myself to some nice Sushi, I've not had any in ages and it was TASTY!!! The problem with s...
  • Deload week
    on Aug 11, 2010 in Training
    This is my only workout till Sunday, as I am trying to deload this week. A new approach for me, usually when I deload I do nothing or do some really high rep stuff to get a pump. Today I followed Wendler 5/3/1 percentages, not much to say apart from...
  • Good weekend on the junk front
    on Aug 9, 2010 in Nutrition
    I had a pretty good weekend on the junk front and am now recharged to eat healthy food for the next 5 days. Off the top of my head, this is the junk I ate: 1 Big Mac, 1 Quarter Pounder, Double cheese burger, regular fries, regular coke Full English...
  • Bench with 5/3/1 percentages
    on Aug 8, 2010 in Training
    As the 5/3/1 percentages have been so good for my bent rows, I am going to resurrect my crap flat bench press with it. Touchwood I will see some progress for a change, by the way I just wanted to say I am currently not following the 5/3/1 programme b...
  • Wendler 5/3/1 Calculator
    on Aug 5, 2010 in News
    Had a spare 30mins during my lunch break today, so I knocked together a 5/3/1 percentage calculator web page and spreadsheet - I knew being a computer programmer would come in handy one day. Hopefully you can get some use from it, it should work on m...
  • Playing the percentages part 3
    on Aug 5, 2010 in Training
    Another awesome workout. I got 8 reps @ 135kg, which according to critical bench's weight charts means my strength has increased on this by the tune of 9kg. Deload next week. This Wendler 5/3/1 has surpassed all expectations for my bent rows, so much...
  • Easy chest day
    on Aug 4, 2010 in Training
    Good news - my back didn't get any worse after Sunday's session, it isn't too bad at the moment but still not good, although manageable. So today was meant to be my kick arse back day, all out max effort on Bent Over Rows using 5/3/1 before deloading...
  • Before I forget
    on Aug 4, 2010 in Nutrition
    After a week taking it easy on the diet front, I am back on it. As of the start of week, I am eating the same old shit again for 5 days a week and then eating what I want in moderation for 2 days (usually weekend). The plan is to maintain this till t...
  • Dirt - back twinge
    on Aug 1, 2010 in Training
    Been relaxing at my Dad's for the last few days. I wasn't expecting to train today as we weren't scheduled to leave until late afternoon/early evening, for some reason my missus change her mind. Anyway's been a bit dehydrated all day as I tend to cut...
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