Anonymous poet places a poem on a small town post office's bulletin board each month. Slowly word gets out. They call her the Fall City Poet and now her blog, documenting the history of the literary project, boasts over 200,000 visitors.

Owner: TLStokes

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Language: English

Tags: Fall City, post office, poetry, flood, Snoqualmie River

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Latest Blog Posts for The Post Office Poems

  • the eagles and the ghoststhe eagles and the ghostsOn the high woven palaceroyalty sleeps. Sunfiddles and opens the sky.Alexandra rises on her small legsleaning on the breastof her mother.David tucks his wingsunder the feather-broom.Warmth from the burning heartof their nest...
  • Spirit of the TeacherSpirit of the TeacherIn the glorious day of the eaglewhile the watchers danced and prayedI asked the teacher:Do you rememberwhen we talked about grief,Norfolk happened the next dayand then we talked about balanceand the white egg cracked so its voice...
  • star on your head cloud in the eye
    on Jan 1, 2011 in photography neighbors cloud camera eye
    I open my lungs to this dayand my eyes meet yours. Can yousee the small cloud floatinglike a song before the sunof my left eye, silent,soft, collecting colorsand edges of the world?Another, smaller lies in the waterof the right eye, hardly named.I am...
  • Whatever Happened to Columbus
    on Oct 11, 2010
    Columbus, looking ragged by now,sits on the rock bench at the edgeof the yard. It's Monday morningand the sky is full of the sea.Every tree, the sharp-leaf maple,twisted pine, the vine in the side yardcurling and dreaming her green hair,listen to his...
  • Ancient Craft of the Shearer
    on Oct 8, 2010
    First Cut
  • connected
    on Aug 15, 2010
    The sun makes a larger namefor itself, leaks and burstsit's burning voice toward our wethome. Blue and usually ableto cool itself. Perhaps we looktoo much like treasure.We stay inside with all the fans spinningjazz, windows closed, covetingthe last c...
  • how movement affects all things
    on Aug 15, 2010
    The world just ended yesterday.Sea's waves folded back onto themselves,the boat's wake forgotwhere it came from.Slowly, salted green skyof no roots is held aloftin the bowl of all things.Your mother, my sky.I wish I could tell you somethingwise. Spir...
  • the invisible
    on Aug 5, 2010
    Orange sun, warm spill of sensation,over my head, my face,my shoulders, back, belly,legs and feet,my toes,inside of me.I heard a wing of feathersslipping through the airof quiet. The other wingcame too.I wanted the sound to land on me,or so close th...
  • notions
    on Aug 5, 2010
    Worry is darker water rising upthrough clear water of the spacewhere clear water is.Worry is nothing. My mind wanderingon its own to fill up space ofnot knowing.Before nothing comesmy mind wants to play andmake up a new story ofwhat might be.The sun...
  • The RoadtripRoadtrip through Eastern Washington into Idahoto Silverwood. Mother's Day, my daughters' treat.Shared driving time and the most astounding rainbowsreaching across the horizon. Music for the slideshow is provided by Daniel Hoin his "Coolest Drop of Ra...
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