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Latest Blog Posts for The Disillusioned Agnostic

  • New blog!
    on Apr 18, 2011
    I am moving to a new blog, Pagan Spoonie, as of today.  I hope I can see you there!
  • Spring ThunderstormI think there are places in a person's life when certain things become very important, such as family, children, career, religion, health, etc.  Sometimes we can go through many hardships before we feel the overwhelming need for something more i...
  • New beginingsThe Wheel of the YearUnfortunately we didn't get to celebrate Ostara.  I was so sick in bed in a flare that my DH had to carry me to the bathroom everytime I needed to go that day.  I could barely sit up for more than a couple of minut...
  • Ostara
    on Mar 12, 2011 in pagan
    I have decided that I want to celebrate Ostara, the Spring Equinox.  I've been doing a lot of inner searching and reading and I've decided that the spring equinox is the best time for me to start because along with the Maiden Goddess, it is a ti...
  • Mary without Jesus?
    on Mar 2, 2011 in pagan Virgin Mary Goddess Catholic
    There are a few things that piss me off.  For instance, when people try to give me medical advice when they don't even know what Ehlers-Danlos is or people who lie.  Among those things that piss me off are when people talk negatively about...
  • Should I switch to my new blog soon?
    on Feb 27, 2011 in Agnostic pagan
    I have created a new blog that will be detailing my experiences as a newbie Pagan, but first I have to decide that this is the path I want to take.  Well, I've decided.  I don't call myself Pagan (yet), but I do know that my spiritual...
  • Hijab
    on Feb 23, 2011 in Islam hijab Muslimah
    I have been wondering what I would look like in hijab, or the way Muslim women veil and stay modest.  I just put on the veil.  Here are the pictures, born of my own curiosity.To answer any questions that would arise, no I am not Muslim and...
  • Rest in Peace my Grandpa
    on Feb 23, 2011 in pagan Catholic Grandpa Christianity
    On March 1st my DH and I will be performing my first pagan ceremony (ritual?).  March 1st was my Grandpa's birthday.  His name was Virgil Hugh Gipson and I want to keep his memory alive.  I swore to him that my first borne so...
  • Belief-O-Matic!I was looking around on a website today called Beliefnet.  I found this nifty little quiz called the "Belief-O-Matic."  The name caught my eye because it is funny, but I do think a few of the questions in it have substance.  I've decid...
  • The Yoni of the Arabian Goddess
    on Jan 23, 2011 in Islam Yoni Qur'an
    The Islamic Holy of Holiesan except from the book The Yoni: Sacred Symbol of the Female Creative PowerThe Goddesses Al'Uzza, Al'Lat, & Menat formed a triad on pre-Islamic ArabiaIn his work The Apology, the Arabian philosopher and alchemist al-Kin...
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