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  • crank it up
    on Feb 9, 2009 in video things I read cheap post
    Dan Leger writes in The Chronicle Herald that after the bailouts, justice ought to be served. THERE MUST have been millions of people grinning with satisfaction...when they read about...Obama’s plan to cap executive pay at companies bailed out by...
  • ah
    on Feb 8, 2009 in video grab bag ipsum lorem changes
    I've been out traveling around, listening to music, playing, shunning serious thought. I think that we all could use some distraction - as if there was not enough - but a distraction from the distraction. To that end, I have embedded a couply videos.
  • limp and limping
    on Jan 29, 2009 in video cheap post
    I have been wanting to a) take this blog in a new direction b) put it out of my misery c) continue on lamely d) ignore it (and I have been...) e) escape However, I am still vacillating like a wind vane. So, in the interim, I will post some scar...
  • titular voidsource had an unscientific poll (results pictured above) indicating that a whopping 64% were always against the Games Being Played. Are CBC readers more knowing than National Post readers? Are they more prescient than The Province readers? Mo...
  • floeA Vancouver real estate developer is making an unprecedented move to offer a liquidation sale of $350 million worth of its condominiums throughout the Lower Mainland. The marketing strategy by Onni Group of Companies is aimed at selling off hundreds...
  • the unravelling ball of wax
    on Jan 12, 2009
    So, you've probably heard by now that Vancouverites are the last bagholders on the Millenium(Under)water development - AKA "The Athletes' Village". A billion bucks. $2000 more debt for every man, woman and babe-in-arms in Vanco
  • snakes, ladders, snow, snot
    on Jan 7, 2009 in rant grab bag ipsum lorem cheap post
    Image ripped off from Alaska education system Grack! I, and the fambly have been sick as dogs...and you thought I didn't love you anymore... I'm still pretty sick, but the miniature ME is more settled, so I have a few minutes. Did you hear abo
  • reactionimage from here Great deals out there Vince sent me an e-mail asking for my reaction to the article linked above. Thanks for the e-mail Vince, I appreciate all e-mails. I thought it to be a well written article. It had well placed platitudes - I...
  • mull
    on Dec 24, 2008 in changes blogging compare and despair
    Oh! Hey! Hi! How ya doin'? Still there? Ya, me too. I have not written much lately, I've been considering where to go from here. I've had a lot of fun with the zany, the zowie, the zip and the zing. Jertains in my curtains, and zillows on
  • cold comfortFrom the Gloom and Mentira Canada's stock market plunge... contributed to a 3.2 per cent drop in household net worth in the third quarter of this year, equivalent to ...$191-billion, Stats Can said Tuesday. Stock prices were down by 18 per cent in t
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