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  • The Fuchsia dress
    on Aug 7, 2012
    H&M:dress (from last Summer)  Guess: Heels...
  • Instagram Weekend's recap
    on Aug 6, 2012
    Hi guys, I know these are some bad pics, but I wanted to share my weekend's recap with you guys... Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
  • July Looks Recap
    on Aug 4, 2012
  • Mango's Fall 2012 Lookbook with Kate Moss
    on Aug 3, 2012
  • Easy Denim
    on Aug 2, 2012
     Gstar:Denim LipStick: Sephora  Random Boutique: Denim/Crochet Top Zara: Shoes...
  • Summer Days
    on Aug 1, 2012
    Dazing away  H&M: Blouse   Zara: Sandals Random Boutique: Cobalt jeans Hello lovelies, Its been such a hectic week, all I have to say is I cannot wait for the weekend. Hope you guys are having a better week.
  • Stripes, Floral, Leopard and a splash of Neon
    on Jul 31, 2012
    H&M Neon Necklace, a mixture of two different Necklaces   Bandolino: Leopard shoes  Old Navy: Stripe shirt Ny&Co: Skirt...
  • First Fashion Showcase!
    on Jul 30, 2012
    Hello lovelies, My first ever Fashion showcase,  I had the pleasure to work with this amazing guy over the weekend. Even though this was his showcase and I was his assistant he allowed me to express my creativity. I had a chance to snap a few...
  • Instant DYI recap
    on Jul 29, 2012
     The outcome of my deconstruction denim vest Before & after I got caught in the rain on Saturday after leaving the hair salon Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was awesome.  I was giving a chance to assist at a showcas...
  • Flower Print Jeans
    on Jul 27, 2012
    Wearing: Random Boutique in NY: jeans, Zara: Heels, H&M: Tees and Purse Hello lovelies, Happy friday guys, what are your plans for the weekend? I want to hear all about it. I have a party to go to tomorrow night, rain or not I m...
  • Summer butterflies
    on Jul 26, 2012
    src="">  Hello my lovelies, These pics were taken yesterday during my lunch break. One of the great advantage about...
  • Her style, her natural hair..
    on Jul 25, 2012
    Is everything. I just can't get enough of this woman style. Whom ever thought she was following her sister's shadow are crazy.. All pics are from Solange Knowles site mydamnblog...
  • Instagram Weekend's recap
    on Jul 23, 2012
    Yesterday outfit   This homemade pizza was so good  I went for an Egyptian/Boho look, I feel so comfortable dressing this way.  My other other half , love her. I couldn't missed the sale from Zara Hi lovel...
  • Just another day
    on Jul 20, 2012
    What I am wearing: DKNY: jeans, NineWest:heels, H&M:blouse and bag...
  • July Style guide / J.Crew
    on Jul 19, 2012
    some of my favorites from the J.Crew catalog  for this month...
  • Scarf print shirt
    on Jul 18, 2012
    What I Wore: Scarf print shirt: Whole Sale Boutique  Shorts: Paris Blue  Accessories: H&M, Forever21, Asos...
  • The perfect view by my job
    on Jul 17, 2012
    What I wore: J Crew: pants Zara:flats  Random: Lace shirt and Purse  Accessories:H&M and F21...
  • The perfect view
    on Jul 17, 2012
    What I wore: J Crew: pants Zara:flats  Random: Lace shirt and Purse  Accessories:H&M and F21...
  • Safari scarf print shorts
    on Jul 16, 2012
  • The Stars are bright
    on Jul 12, 2012
    Shots By Travis Wearing,  random boutique: romper   Steve Madden: Heels  H&M:purse  F21: Brosh, bracelet...