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  • Nature's Way
    on Jun 30, 2016
    This morning, when I was taking the Shortlings to camp, I turned the corner in the car and saw a little bunny running down the middle of the road.“Oh look, girls! Look at that cute little bunny hopping down the road like he thinks he’s a car.”N...
  • Minutiae - Caterpillar edition
    on Jun 19, 2016 in minutiae
    I'm not doing so so hot with the keeping up on the blog thingy this year.  It seems every time I get ready to jump back into the regular, some tragedy happens and then I fall off the wagon again.  But that doesn't mean I haven't been docume...
  • More Poetry
    on May 10, 2016
    I know, I know, "Who cares about your kids' poems? No one, that's who!" Just the same, I want to keep them and the scraps of paper they get written on aren't really archival material. Hence, poetry entries. The Dormouse participated in a School-Spo...
  • This Could Also Be a Syndrome When You Think About It
    on May 4, 2016
    The Caterpillar came home one day this week, telling me about the different kids in her group at school. One of whom, she says, randomly yells out the word, "vagina" in class sometimes when it's quiet... "Then he gets in trouble," she says. "Wel...
  • Alice's Tea Party
    on Apr 26, 2016
  • dad
    on Apr 14, 2016
    No I haven't forgotten about you, blog. Just too much... too many... ugh, just too.My dad died.Those have been the words I've avoided writing here for weeks now.Not that it would be any more real if I wrote it down or any easier, or more difficult fo...
  • The Awakening
    on Feb 23, 2016 in DC
    One of the first art installations I remember ever seeing in D.C. was the sculpture, The Awakening.  We visited long before I moved here - I was a kid - and how my father knew to drive (or did we ride bicycles?) out to Hains Point and look at it...
  • Snowing... Again
    on Feb 16, 2016
    We're on day number five, six, eight, I've totally forgotten, of No School due to "someone saw a snowflake" this year.  I thought we were doing okay until after like the seventh day in a row of kids home from school, I heard screaming from...
  • They're Love Balls
    on Feb 3, 2016
    We bought these ridiculous Christmas decorations years ago for this project, fully intending to toss them out immediately afterwards, but never got around to that part.  They've been kicking around in the attic ever since.  This year we mov...
  • Hairy Ice Balls
    on Feb 2, 2016
    I know, I know.  I'm a 14 year old boy at heart.Looks like someone stayed out too long in the snow.
  • Now Are the Foxes
    on Feb 1, 2016
    One night when we were coming home in the car late last November, we turned the corner to find a group of three or four deer gamboling through the neighborhood. And when I say "gambol,"  I use that not to be pretentious, but because that's the o...
  • My New Favorite Shakespeare
    on Jan 31, 2016
    Last month we went to the Folger Shakespeare Library (they do some amazing stuff there, cannot recommend highly enough) and saw Pericles and it was amazing. And not just because The KoH got us seats so close I could put my feet up on the stage and ge...
  • Noir Morning Routine
    on Jan 30, 2016
    Came out of the shower the other morning to find Humphrey Beargart interrogating Lauren Bearcall with the bedside lamp and small child voicing the parts with, "Where were you on the night of January 16th?"There are so many things I love about this mo...
  • Winter Seating Arrangements
    on Jan 29, 2016
    Despite it getting pretty cold here in D.C., the living room stays pretty warm because of a large window wall.  But that doesn't mean there isn't significant pushing and shoving to get the last warm spot.Oh good, someone put the cat away.And the...
  • Wondering
    on Jan 28, 2016 in DC
    I almost forgot until I was cleaning off my phone that we attended the reopening of the Renwick Gallery on New Year's weekend.  This is the first building built specifically to be the nation's art museum. It used to house the Corcoran Gallery be...
  • I Do My Little Turn on the Catwalk
    on Jan 27, 2016
    This Siamese and their back thing might have gone a bit too far.
  • Sound Effects
    on Jan 27, 2016
    This is the ice crackling outside as the sun warms everything.  Proof that my hope is not misplaced in the belief that one day, some day, my kids might actually go back to school.  But not today.
  • Nanook of the North
    on Jan 26, 2016
    Here we are raising up our heads from the frozen tundra. Washington D.C. got a good 30 inches of snow this weekend and the world stopped for awhile here. Fortunately, we never lost power, which is my main worry in a storm like this, not because we wo...
  • Dr. T. J. Eckleburg's Persistant Stare
    on Dec 30, 2015
    Since we moved into this house, I've been slowly trying to decide how to decorate it, where to put our copious amounts of stuff, etc.  In the months before we sold the other house, we had painted every wall, every closet, every baseboard, every...
  • In the Bleak Midwinter
    on Dec 30, 2015
    It rained all week but was over 60 most of the time, so no white Christmas for us. We did get a colorful one though.