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  • Cat adopts ... ducklings!?!
    on May 28, 2013
    Nature and animal enstincts sometimes work in amazing ways ...  ...
  • The Hermitage Museum In Russia Honors Its Cat Guards
    on Apr 7, 2013
    Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia is hosting an exhibit in honor of the 60 cats it employs to protect paintings against mice and rats! The Museum has employed the cats dating back to its founding in 1764, and is celebrating Hermitage Cat Day...
  • Cat caught smuggling items into Brazil prison
    on Jan 7, 2013
    Prison authorities in Brazil have detained a cat that was caught smuggling in an array of tools to help inmates escape. The feline was found with several saws and drills taped to its body. The cat has not divulged which of the prison's 263 inmates it...
  • An archaeologist cat
    on Oct 22, 2012
    A stray cat in Rome discovered an ancient Roman catacomb! A couple of kids followed the feline into a tomb that dates back more than 2,000 years. The cat hurried into a cavern near a limestone rock cliff, and the kids managed to enter the c...
  • Cats and ... politics!?!?!!
    on Oct 8, 2012
    So could Tuxedo Stan be the next mayor of Halifax? Why not! He's elegantly dressed, he has a clear platform and he's popular in the polls. Oh, and he's a cat after all. Maybe he is the right cat for the job. His political party, "The Tuxedo Party," p...
  • Internet Cat Video Film Festival
    on Sep 22, 2012
    What an interested idea! No wonder why it was a big success. The 7,000 publicly nominated videos were narrowed down and divided into categories, including comedy, documentary, animated, foreign... So, enjoy the winner of "People's Choice" award nomin...
  • Just another working cat
    on Jun 22, 2012
    Meet Millie, the ... security cat! This Bengal cat has been hired to help guard some of the UK’s best-selling toy ranges.
  • Liverpool, Tottenham and ... the cat
    on Feb 13, 2012 in cat
    Sometimes football gets much more interesting that the final score, don't you agree?
  • Cat Hugs Baby Kitten Having Nightmare
    on Aug 2, 2011
    How sweet!
  • Another unusual cat friend ...
    on May 18, 2011
    The cat and the owl best friends! They sure seem to enjoy each other's company ...
  • Spring cats
    on Apr 21, 2011
    Can you smell the flowers ... or the cats?
  • The loudest cat purr!
    on Feb 22, 2011
    A cat named Smokey is claimed to have the loudest purr in the world, almost as noisy as a Boing 737 coming in to land! Most cats purr at around 25 decibels but Smokey's averages 80 decibels, and when measured close-up her purrs reach 92 decibels...
  • Dusty the "burglar" cat!
    on Feb 17, 2011
    A security night-vision camera has finally revealed that Dusty, the cat, is responsible for a 3-year crime wave! Residents wondered what was happening when various of their small items, from shoes to stuffed bears to towels to bathing suits...
  • Larry the cat got a new job!
    on Feb 15, 2011
    Larry, a four-year-old former stray tabby, will be tasked with warding off a mischief of rats seen scuttling around the British leader's official residence. UK Prime Minister David Cameron is all set to welcome a cat into his official residence.
  • The cat and the Chinese zodiac
    on Feb 5, 2011
    There is a legend that explains how each animal in the Chinese zodiac was given their place in the 12-year cycle. The Buddha invited all the animals together for a banquet, and each animal was assigned a year in the order of its...
  • The year of the cat
    on Feb 4, 2011
    Yesterday was the beginning of the Lunar New Year of the Cat or Rabbit. The Vietnamese welcomed the Year of the Cat and the Chinese rang in the Year of the Rabbit. According to legend, the cat was left out of the Chinese zodiac because the rat tricke...
  • Unusual cat ... friends
    on Feb 2, 2011
    There have been a lot of strange friendships among different animals. Here are some of the most unusual friends of a cat I've found. Simply amazing! Can and monkey  Cats and rabbits  Cat and pig Cat and ... camel Cat and lizard Cat and...
  • Is Lucy the oldest cat in the world?
    on Jan 31, 2011
    She is deaf and a little nervous when you wake her up by force. But it is only natural, being 39 years old! In human years her age is about 172, and her 63 year old owner from England can be proud of taking a very good care of her! The cat...
  • Winter cats
    on Jan 29, 2011
    Well, most cats will definetely prefer taking long naps by the fireplace or on the hotest spot in the house during winter. But what about the outdoor cats?
  • Why cats use a litterbox?
    on Oct 31, 2010
    Small feral cats bury their feces to hide their trails from larger cats and other predators. Because it is easier to bury excrement in soft dirt, cats naturally seek out a sandy area to defecate. Burying feces may also be a sign of submission by smal...