Real Estate Management Advisory Blog Posts

  • on Nov 13, 2010
    Complete Renting Guide put out by the Consumer Affairs, Victoria
  • Understanding Risk Management
    on Jul 30, 2010 in Business
    Managing business risk means managing the protection of your employees, customers, property, information and the environment. Formal business risk management is a policy or program that works to prevent all types of problems arising from risk and unc...
  • Finding a Consultant for my Real Estate Business
    on Jul 18, 2010 in Business
    The option to employ a business consulting service is not always an easy one, numerous factors demand consideration.  Whenever you're uncertain whether or not to use the services of a business consulting company here are a few questions to ask y...
  • Salary Guide - Property & Real Estate in Australia
    on Jul 9, 2010 in Staffing Solutions
    Australia Property and Real Estate (for the year ended 2009)Source: MyCareer job listings inclusive of wage from the last 90 days and updated weekly. Figures may incorporate total pkg. If there is insufficient data to show reliable max, min, avg then...
  • Is Your Website Working
    on Jun 25, 2010 in Marketing
    If you're as familiar with your website as I am with mine, then you may be blind to certain weaknesses. It's only natural. When you see something on a regular basis, you begin to not see it after a while.  Just the other day somebody pointed out...
  • Victoria Real Estate Figures - First Five Months 2010
    on Jun 8, 2010 in Market News Australia
    The first five months of 2010 are now completed and the auction market has delivered some remarkable outcomes. In February and March, the first two months in which a substantial number of auctions are held, the market exhibited record results. In F...
  • How to Start your Real Estate Newsletter
    on Jun 6, 2010 in Marketing
    A regular newsletter is an effective marketing tool for real estate agents.  Newsletters can establish you as a market expert, give you ongoing communication with potential clients and give you an advertising edge with a targeted audience. ...
  • Team Development in Real Estate
    on May 30, 2010 in Staffing Solutions
    A well developed team has the potential to contribute in a huge way to the success of your business. When a team knows its strengths and weaknesses, is aware of it's expectations and has the resources and knowledge to achieve these, then this team ca...
  • Talent Recruitment is Key in the Property Market
    on May 13, 2010 in Staffing Solutions
    During an economic downturn, companies often overlook the importance of a solid talent recruitment strategy. This is not the time to become complacent. An effective team will be your important weapon in your fight for survival. As a result of the d...
  • First Home Buyers a Dying Breed
    on May 12, 2010 in Market News
    Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Housing Finance figures for March show that, in trend terms, the number of commitments for owner occupied homes fell by 4.1 per cent, compared to the previous month.“This is the ninth consecutive month of falls...