Molfetta Daily Photo Blog Posts

  • Mystery Revealed, no. 12
    on Mar 4, 2011 in mystery photo Molfetta port
    Well, it was not too much of a mystery for VP, bfarr and Eleonora to guess that yesterday's Mystery Photo showed mooring rings. These are located along the port for fishing boats to tie up to while they are in harbour. ...
  • Mystery Photo, no. 12
    on Mar 3, 2011 in mystery photo
    e It's time once more to play Mystery Photo, where you tell me what you think the thingamagig in the photo is all about. Hint: it's not actually meant to be a giant ashtray!Answer to be revealed in tomorrow's post.
  • Monthly Theme Day: My Favorite Part of Town
    on Mar 1, 2011 in theme day port duomo
    My favorite part of town is the port, it's a nice place to take a walk most days of the year and most times of day.Click here to view thumbnails for all participants...
  • Fishmobile
    on Feb 27, 2011 in street vendor port fish fish market
    This mobile fish shop which, if you believe what's written on its blue backdrop, offers "the best of the sea," reminds me of the bookmobile of my childhood in the US.
  • Crocheted Handicrafts
    on Feb 10, 2011 in Alberobello handicrafts
    The town of Alberbello (see previous post here) is known for its handworked crocheted linens. They are very pretty and also quite affordable. One shopowner was very happy and willing to give me a demonstration of how she worked her cotton threads.&nb...
  • Polignano a MarePolignano Mare is located to the south of Bari on the Adriatic Sea. It is the birthplace of Domenico Modugno, the writer of one of the most famous Italian songs of all times "Volare."...
  • Roadside Shrine
    on Feb 6, 2011 in Madonna altar shrine Puglia
    Photo by: John DePasqualeThis little shrine was located on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, at the foot of a large crucified Jesus, on a bluff overlooking the valley leading to the Adriatic Sea from Alberobello.Photo by: Jessie DePasqu...
  • Alberobello
    on Feb 5, 2011 in Alberobello trullo
    Alberobello is world famous as the Trullo Town. What's a trullo you ask? It's a little round house with this unique conical roof made of limestone slabs piled one atop the other without the benefit of mortar to hold them together. There are many...
  • Rutigliano Whistle Festival
    on Feb 2, 2011 in festival Rutigliano whistles
    Photo by:  Svetlana KousmenkoThe city of Rutigliano, located southwest of Bari, held its 23rd annual ceramic whistle festival in mid-January. The key event of this festival is a national competition for most attractive whistle. This year's theme...
  • Photo of the Year 2010
    on Jan 1, 2011 in flowers photo of the year
    April 23, 2010This is my absolutely favorite photo from this year. It was shot in the field across the country lane from my house.Here's wishing each and every one of you a 2011 as sunny and bright as these flowers!Click here to view thumbnails for a...
  • Snow in Molfetta
    on Dec 15, 2010 in winter snow
    We had quite a snowstorm this morning in Molfetta. Rather a surprise in this strangely temperate winter. I wonder if the oranges on that poor tree turned into frozen orange juice?
  • Italy 1 - Paraguay 1
    on Jun 15, 2010 in Mongolfiera soccer
    This photo (taken on my husband's cellphone) is of poor quality, but I couldn't resist showing you some of the wacky World Cup fever that has grabbed all of Italy by the...shoulders and is taking the nation by storm. You can't go anywhere without hea...
  • Nerium Oleander
    on Jun 13, 2010 in tree flowers
    The Oleander is another flowering tree in my front yard. I love its delicate pink petals and had no idea until looking it up online that it is one of the most poisonous plants in the world and contains numerous toxic compounds, many of which are dead...
  • Coastline
    on Jun 12, 2010 in Adriatic sea Torre Gavetone
  • Punica Granatum
    on Jun 11, 2010 in tree flowers
    These are the buds and flowers on the ornamental pomegranate tree growing in my front yard. I love the delicate and variegated color of the petals. These trees do not make edible fruit, but are pretty and create some shade. They are carefree and drou...
  • Gesticulation
    on Jun 10, 2010 in school gestures
    This is not a particularly great photo (I just happened to take it accidentally while playing with my camera), but I wanted to share it because it somehow captures a bit of the Italian spirit. These two men are fathers at the end-of-school celebratio...
  • Jannis Kounellis Exhibit
    on Jun 9, 2010 in art Bari
    The Teatro Margherita in Bari is the site of an exhibit of installations by Jannis Kounellis, the "patriarch" of Italy's 1960s arte povera movement. Arte povera was a movement meant to shake up the art world and redefine the very concept of art. Koun...
  • Orange Flower
    on Jun 8, 2010 in Award flowers
    Who can help me identify this pretty orange flower growing in my garden? I thought it might be a tiger lily, but it's not. It doesn't have those noticeable stamen in the center like a lily. Plus, a characteristic of each bloom is that one petal curls...
  • Vespa Star at the BeachWith the lovely warm days during the past week, it's safe to say that beach season has officially arrived in Molfetta. What says "summer" better than this cheerful light blue Vespa Star parked at the Torre Gavettone beach?
  • Capparis spinosa L.
    on Jun 5, 2010 in flowers
    The beauty of caper flowers is as fragile and short-lived as that of poppy flowers: The delicate, cream-white petals and lively purple stamina persist only a few hours. When cultivated for the capers, the flower never blooms as the bud must be harves...