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  • Stepback Cupboard MakeoverI recently purchased this stepback cupboard. It wasn't very attractive with its red stain and thick layer of varnish but I new it had potential to be beautiful. I always jump right into projects forgetting to take before pictures. This was taken a...
  • Hot Pink Cutie!
    on Aug 9, 2014
    I got this vintage Sears French Provincial desk at a garage sale a few weeks ago. It obviously had been used as a makeup vanity and years of makeup were caked on it. It was so dirty. It got a thorough scrubbing inside and out. It had dirty wal...
  • Kind of the Same but Different
    on Aug 8, 2014
    I started Robin's Nesting Place in April 2007. I was a homeschooling, stay at home mom who had just begun learning photography. I had a passion for gardening and nature and this was a place to share those hobbies. My life is quite different now.
  • The Winter that Never Ends..
    on Mar 28, 2014
     Did you or your children ever watch Sherry Lewis and Lambchops? If so, do you remember the "Song That Never Ends"?  "It goes on and on, my friends! (Sorry for getting that one stuck in your head!) Anyway that is how I feel about win...
  • Winter Bird Photographs
    on Jan 27, 2014 in Bird Feeding Birds Photography Winter
    So far this winter has been one for the record books! It looks like we may break the record for recorded snow fall. We have also had record breaking lows and wind chill. My poor birds are having a hard time surviving the cold. In less than twenty-fou...
  • For the Birds
    on Dec 8, 2013
     It's hard to believe that it has been so long since last posting here at Robin's Nesting Place. I think often about this poor neglected blog and I dearly miss the days when photography and blogging were priority. Hopefully one day I will have t...
  • Saving Butterflies
    on Jul 15, 2013 in Butterflies
    When my children were young I started planting parsley so we could attract black swallowtail butterflies to our garden. We would gather the eggs and tiny caterpillars and bring them inside and watch the amazing metamorphosis. It never thrilled them a...
  • New Teapot Birdhouse
    on Apr 4, 2013 in Birdhouse Birds Spring
    One of my goals as a gardener has been to attract the birds to my small yard. I have one nesting box that that has been used by the black-capped chickadees for several years. Some years they raise two broods. The same box has been used by wrens.
  • The State of the Garden Address
    on Apr 2, 2013 in Spring
    I cleaned up some in the yard Monday! It was still cold but at least the sun was shining! I was saddened by the condition of my flower beds and my yard. I lost so many plants last summer during our severe drought. My flower beds are for the most part...
  • The Face-Off
    on Mar 20, 2013 in Birds Cardinal
    The male cardinal and male house sparrow face-off: The cardinal wins!
  • Winter's Last Hurrah and little Indiana Feature!
    on Mar 19, 2013
    Winter, (in Indiana), is not quite ready to hand the reins over to spring! We had a bit of wintry mix again last night and for some reason it feels colder to me in March than it did all winter! I am longing for warmth and sunshine! I usually hib...
  • Mockingbird Tales and a Little Coffee Humor
    on Jan 23, 2013 in Mockingbird Winter
    I have enjoyed photographing the birds today, especially the mockingbird! It was freezing and we had a few flurries so the feeders were at full capacity! I thought this caption was fitting for this picture! I made it for my daughter because she is...
  • No Winter Whining
    on Jan 21, 2013 in Birds Winter
    There is a new meme called, " No Winter Whining- Finding Color in Winter".  It is Jen from Muddy Boot Dreams and  Heather from, Life is a garden. Winter is in full force today and the temperatures have plummeted! We are under a weather a...
  • He Acts Like He Owns the Place!
    on Jan 14, 2013 in Bird Feeding Birds Weather Winter
     What crazy winter weather we have in Indiana! Saturday was a beautiful sunny day with a high of 63°! What a glorious break for those of us who get a little weary of the grey winter skies!Yesterday the temperatures started dropping and we had torre...
  • Whetting the Appetite for Spring!
    on Jan 9, 2013
     It was almost 50° and sunny today! The snow has melted! I have spring blooms inside! This has only whetted my appetite; I am so ready for spring!
  • Turquoise Truck
    on Jan 8, 2013
    These photos are from the archives.  I love this rusty old turquoise truck! It is at Stonycreek Farms in Noblesville, IN. It is one of my favorite places to visit in the fall!
  • Snow Covered Bird Feeding Tree
    on Jan 7, 2013
     Here are a couple of pictures of my winter bird feeding station after the snow a few nights ago! It is beautiful covered in snow with the white lights twinkling! It's warming up so the snow is melting. I am looking forward to a few days of mild tem...
  • Winter Birdbath
    on Jan 6, 2013
    Most of us put away our birdbaths during the winter months since concrete, ceramic and clay birdbaths can crack and break when the water freezes. However the birds still need water during winter for drinking and bathing. My solution is a large pl...
  • Dove Ghost
    on Jan 5, 2013 in Birds
    Unfortunately another dove hit the sliding glass doors. I didn't see it on the patio so hopefully it wasn't injured. This also happened in February 2010, and I blogged about it then. Doves have powder down feathers, (extremely fine feathers that dis...
  • Swallowtail Butterfly Summer 2012
    on Jan 4, 2013 in Butterflies
    Longing for warmer weather! A 2012 summer butterfly.