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Just Blog It! is my feeble attempt at improving my writing skills and command of the English.. language. It features articles about Zamboanga City, my work, advocacy, experiences and most of all.. my obsession with Korean entertainment.

Owner: zamblogger

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: zamboanga city, korean entertainment, work, experiences


Iliganonko is a blog about the lifestyle choices I have made as I go through my daily grind. Choices.. that represent my aspirations and advocacies for a healthier and abundant lifestyle.

Owner: iliganonko

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: travel, apps, gadgets


A survivor of child sex trafficking breaks her silence and discusses issues related to all forms of.. human trafficking.

Owner: Holly_Smith

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: trafficking, empowerment, true story, overcoming


Be a curator on Time Swappers platform to gain rewards. Vote for a change from the old-age.. conventional standard, being unbiased in decision making. Any curator can exit from the role after 6.. months of duration giving 1 month of prior notice .

Owner: manishkmpards

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: Token Burning, Era Swap Toke, marketplace token, tokenize, Token Burning Rules


Raising awareness of injustice, empowering families to act

Owner: dosmallthings

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: social justice, parenting, moms, Christian


Kung Fu Psychiatry is a resource focused on educating, empowering and encouraging people in their.. journey towards wellness and mental health.

Owner: llantz

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: psychiatry, relationships, wellness


a multifaceted site dealing with all aspects of mental health: diagnosis, treatment, recovery,.. depression, bipolar, support, advocacy, stigma

Owner: hopeworks

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: mental illness, recovery, bipolar disorder, treatment


The Homeless Rights Advocacy Project is a blog dedicated to propagating information and awareness.. about homeless rights and issues, and working towards ending involuntary homelessness in the United.. States

Owner: ItalynStalyn167

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Homeless, Right to Rest, Homeless Shelter, Basic needs, Indigent


Created by Celeste Goodwin to discuss what patient care looks like within a hospital. National.. advocate for blood pressure awareness in children.

Owner: healthcaremom

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: healthcare, nursing, bloodpressure, children


This is a friends' blog on societal issues such as mental health, divorce, marriage,.. remarriage, death and dying, substance abuse, domestic violence, abuse, advocacy and activism,.. alternative health and prevention.

Owner: cstonecipher

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: health, mental health, activism, alternative health

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