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Diverse critical blogs on philosophy, psychology, atheist, science, consciousness. atheism,.. ideologies and religions

Owner: rpriddy

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: crticial thought, belief systems, Robert Priddy, ideology


Third-camp left-wing blog by London-based blogger and journalist James Bloodworth.

Owner: obligedtooffend

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Socialism, Left-wing, Trotsky, Orwell


Kobra's rants, editorials, and other bullshit.

Owner: voodooKobra

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: social commentary, observational humor, satire, logic

Follow considers questions of science and religion from the perspective of the negative way (via.. negativa) of the Christian contemplative tradition. There is a good deal of astronomy and Buddhism.. here as well.

Owner: paul

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: science, theology, christianity, astronomy

5. Kulah


A controversial blog in Turkish about evolution

Owner: inanma

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: science, evolution, religion


All things religion and belief based. Writing categorically as an Atheist, I aim to put questions.. out the be answered and ponder on subjects from Morality to the afterflife, and generally anything.. worth debating about in a religious context.

Owner: potts

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: religion, theism, god, holy


I share my opinions in raves about anything and everything.

Owner: masoni

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Religion, Politics, Opinion, Activism


Absolute Moral Truth is a blog dedicated to the philosophical debate of the existence of Truth and.. Morality in our world.

Owner: jacobmorales1981

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: moral truth, morality, religion, objective truth


Original essays on analytic philosophy, science, religion, and culture.

Owner: charlesdarwood

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: logic, science, charlesdarwood,


To παρόν ιστολόγιο είναι μια προσωπική προσπάθεια.. προβολής της αλήθειας όσον αφορά αυτή την.. "πνευματική ασθένεια"

Owner: Orthodox

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: αθεια, faith, πιστη

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