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An Atheist's opinion and observations on current events and important topics

Owner: Reap_Paden

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: politics, religion, agnostic, news


A look at the clash between reason and religion.

Owner: edwbaker

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: atheism, science, christianity, reason


The statement, “God exists,” is a precisely stated proposition. Thus, it is either true or.. false. The simple fact is, either God exists or He does not. There is no middle ground.

Owner: katie365

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: God, Faith, Love, Christianity


A heavily opinionated blog about the pregnancy and parenting of a first child.

Owner: JillyB106

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: pregnancy, parenting, opinionated


A blog critiquing and challenging various figures and institutions of power, with a focus on.. politics, economics, and religion.

Owner: Justin_Doolittle

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: power, left, socialist, anarchist


Re-educating minds with only truly uncensored news-explore it today!

Owner: kzrazib

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: News


A blog detailing my life from a good, christian, baptized submissive woman to an atheist feminist.. with a lot to say about my journey away from religion.

Owner: Lulukan64

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Ex-christian, Religion, Prayer, God


RadioAtheist takes a look at the state of religiosity in this age of progress and modernity. It.. gives special attention to the influence pop culture holds on the existence of atheism.

Owner: krlgrey

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: critical thinking, pop culture

Follow is a blog dedicated to answering eternal questions related to origins, God, purpose,.. life, miracles, world religions, atheism, aliens, angels, the Bible, Jesus, science and the.. evolution vs creation debate.

Owner: garethbsimpson

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: creation, evolution, Bible, God


To prove that there is a creator and life did not evolve from non-life.

Owner: Lisa

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: creation, evolution, intelligent design, Creator God

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