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This blog site was developed to enlighten those seekers interested in healing and spiritual.. awakening through my four books with the two companion DVDs and also share their views and.. experiences by posting their comments.

Owner: Ricardo_B_Serrano

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Other Tags: healing, merkaba, qigong, self-mastery


Spiritual Awakening is dedication to bring the word of God to those over the Internet. Our mission.. is to prepare those over the W.W.W to become devoted spiritual warriors and leaders through God’s.. truth and righteousness.

Owner: awakenurspirit

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Spiritual Awakening, devotion, jesus, bible, god


Tools and Insights For Obtaining Happiness & Inner Peace

Owner: AbundantAwakening

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: self-help, motivational, inspirational, personal growth, self imrpovement


Teachings regarding the state of Illumination; also known as Enlightenment or The Philosopher's.. Stone by one who has attained it.

Owner: Remus

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: Philosopher's, Illumination, Enlightenment, Samadhi


Little Human Being is a collection of uplifting inspirational short stories, illustrations and micro.. wisdom about love, life and what it is to be a human being on this little planet of ours. Little.. Human Being – awakening our humanity

Owner: LittleHuman1127

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: inspiration, short story, uplifting, love


We are the source of your daily Proud India Fact. Be proud of India's achievements, one fact at.. a time. Feel proud. Feel Indian.

Owner: AdityaNayak

Listed in: Resources

Other Tags: India, Proud, Facts, Achievements


It's about friendship.

Owner: Duke_Eyman

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: friendship, love, time, distance


We offer bestsellers ebooks on spirituality online. Our great spiritual books are writer by Gian.. Kumar. Buy our good books on spirituality online.

Owner: bookspirituality

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: Books, spiritual awakening books, Business, spiritual awakening books, Reading


"For people to understand True Freedom you must first show them how they are oppressed."

Owner: Awakening

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: alternative news, anti war, anti Globalization, anti corruption, anti imperialism



Owner: Nijai_Sathian

Listed in: Literature

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