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I write about positive thinking, the law of attraction, the power of gemstones and affirmations... Because you get exactly what you are feeling and happy feelings will attract more happy.. circumstances.

Owner: LetneDniLookYounger

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Fashion | Beauty

Owner: carlacee9

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3. Believe


This is a blog to document my personal experience in learning to use the universal laws. My hope is.. others will watch, and join me, inspired by my success!

Owner: shrimpset

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: secret, law of attraction, motivation, positive


i believe what i see

Owner: Bee_Shaz_Wals

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Other Tags: tip, love, food, travel, muzik


This is where we must choose what to believe. I think it is knowable, through a spiritual journey... However let me quickly add a few clarifications to this claim.

Owner: arnoldclark

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Other Tags: Stories and Morals, Education & Innovation, Sva-Haa, Science & Philosophy


Renewable energy and climate change information. How solar energy, wind energy and other alternative.. energy sources can solve the energy crisis, while reducing CO2 emissionns to reduce the threats of.. global warming.

Owner: frflyer

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Other Tags: renewable energy, climate change, global warming, alternative energy, solar energy


A personal blog which discusses principles related to politics, religion, science, and education.. from a distinctively Mormon perspective.

Owner: gmcmurdie

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Other Tags: Religion, Government, Business, Education, Science


Its everything about my life and what i learned

Owner: tony4

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Other Tags: religion, life, death, family


At the time of opening an MS Excel File, I am fully shocked to see the error message that the file.. is not in a recognized file format. Then SysTools Excel Recovery facilitates me to read content from.. damage Excel File without interruption.

Owner: Samid520

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Write, Talk, Share my ideas, thoughts, inspirations and my experiences. In 2008 I was bitten by the.. political bug and I just can't shake I blog about it.

Owner: believemewhenitellu

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: politics, economy, entertainment, family, reflection

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