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Commentary and opinion on issues facing Canadians, with a heavy focus on politics.

Owner: gordiecanuk

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Canada, Parliament, Liberal, Conservative, News


Canadian Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) - An online resource with information, news and views.. on the world of Canadian DRIPs. It also has the most extensive list of DRIPs in Canada on the web!

Owner: codemonkeyken

Listed in: Finance

Other Tags: Dividend, Reinvestment, DRIPs, stocks, money


The Canadian Princeza is a beauty-lifestyle blog where cosmetics and all my other obsessions come to.. be judged, analyzed, justified and finally embraced for the "life perks" they ultimately.. are.

Owner: SanjaMarie

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Skincare Review, Makeup Review, Beauty Guide, Favorite Lists, Personal Life


A Canadian beauty blog which reviews all types of woman's beauty products and services based on.. personal experiences!

Owner: producthoarder

Listed in: Fashion

Other Tags: Makeup, Product Reviews, Reviews, Makeup Reviews


"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." A.. Liberal-supporting, environmentalist blog. I am a supporter of Projet Montréal and a promoter of.. rail transport. This blurb does not apply to vanillaman's

Owner: drquatage

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Environment, Transport, Rail, Liberal


A blog where I talk about the things that I like, the things I hate, and the things that make me.. want to punch people in the know happy stuff like that.

Owner: TheWolf159

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: snafu, rant, humour, shit


We own a waterfront, boat access only, property and plan to build a cottage. This blog documents.. our pre-construction planning, design ideas, and adventures with our newest little cottager, our 6.. month old daughter.

Owner: CanadianCottager

Listed in: Outdoors

Other Tags: home improvement, cottage, building, construction, diy


A blog dedicated to helping people in their applications for Canadian Immigrants Visa, wheter.. Temporary or Permanent

Owner: yaj75a

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: Work Visa, Tourist Visa, Permanent Residents Visa, Immigrants Visa, Federal Skilled Workders


Blog about window and door replacements.

Owner: arsenelupin

Listed in: Home-garden

Other Tags: windows and doors, window replacement, door replacement


Read about Vancouver arts, artists in Vancouver, and Vancouver art magazine articles written by a.. Vancouver based writer, Liza J. Lee. Online articles about arts and tourism Vancouver.

Owner: lizalee

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: Vancouver Artists, Art Vancouver, Vancouver Arts, Canadian Art Magazine, Artist-Run

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