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Information and opinion on Walmart employees complaining about low pay and thinking a union is the.. answer

Owner: neonguy528

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: walmart, employees, union, wages, salary


Things that annoy me. Things that need to be complained about. Things I am disgruntled about. .. Topics I think others may also be disgruntled about. Saying things that aren't being said, or.. that need more saying.

Owner: maxwebster69

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: thought, life, musing, love


Sharing my somewhat odd opinions with the world

Owner: DaenerysWinchester

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: random, family and school blues, relating, ideas


Two middle-aged grumpy dudes respond to the world around them by writing blogs with humor, pathos.. and the occasional curse word.

Owner: GrumpyDude

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: aging, lifestyle, writing, opinions

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