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Observational humor on a variety of subjects. Post subjects include: a sarcastic open letter to.. ambulance chasing lawyers, a suggestion that zombies could be the answer to our obesity problem, and.. more

Owner: ydnar325

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Other Tags: random humor, observational humor, internet humor, funny blogs


seorang yang suka benda yang pelik ,suka melihat perempuan berbaju kurung ,seorang yang sangat.. simple dan terbuka .Tak lekang dengan kesalahan typo

Owner: Imamuddin_Bin_Idrus

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Other Tags: funny, doodles, music, parody


It's the place to find all of your favorite celebrities mocked, lambasted, skewered, and.. verbally molested. And like your favorite gossip magazines, (mostly) none of it is true.

Owner: ShakyJake

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: Entertainment satire, Fake news stories, Celebrity profiles, Short stories

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