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If plan to study in the US either for Undergraduate courses (bachelor’s degrees) or Graduate.. courses (MS or MBA, MD, LLM etc.) you must meet the application deadlines for each school.

Owner: AvignaLearningAcademy

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I've dominated two years of law school, time to dominate the third!

Owner: talesfrom3lhell

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Other Tags: law school, law student, legal field, humor


A graduate student sundae of healthcare, society, and fashion topped off with a fresh dose of.. sarcasm and sprinkled with glee

Owner: lindseypsmith

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Other Tags: healthcare, public health, academia, student


A blog about the beauty and design of my life.

Owner: Ashleigh_N_Whitby

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: graphic design, interior design, home, faith


Walk the talk.

Owner: wineonlips

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Other Tags: dating, relationships, family, bliss


The adventures of a 20-something post-grad transitioning from sunny miami to a new life in the.. nation's capital

Owner: habel14

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: city living, post grad, washington dc, miami


Focusing on biogeochemical sciences while discussing other fields of study that link us all.. together.

Owner: dunn4ja

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: chemistry, biology, research, biogeochemistry


This blog is about my experiences as a career women in a high-tech company, my hobbies and all the.. nice things that I do in life.

Owner: lauralmaxi20

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: career, woman, engineering, success

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