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Rusty, a three year old Welsh Cardigan Corgi, writes about humans so that their dogs might better.. understand them and other humorous topics.

Owner: peterrey

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Other Tags: Corgi, Humor, Dog, puppies


Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Implant and Augmentation, Hair Transplant, Brow Lift,Rhinoplasty, Botox,.. Tummy Tuck

Owner: haritha

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Other Tags: health for u

Follow For Vampires Goths& Humans

Owner: vampiresocial

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: vampires, goth, gothic, dating, social networking


Founder of 2layers, Sociologist, dedicated Traveller, Consultant, Designer, Winner of trivia nights... This is the place where l write about my journeys and share my thoughts on design, photography and.. handcrafted things.

Owner: runhumans

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: travel, design, photography, run


Share information about the health of humans and animals

Owner: gigihp

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Other Tags: health, animals, medications, healthy


Scout is an eight-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She lives with a family of four humans. Scout.. blogs, but does mostly doggie activities. She supports her A-Dog with her custom card company,.. RiverDog Prints dot com.

Owner: sevencyn

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Other Tags: dogs, dog behavior, humor, chesapeake bay retriever


As you know I evolve species using my process of evolution by natural selection and then let them.. have a play till they enrich the source code of all life.

Owner: arnoldclark

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Conversation in Vers, Education & Innovation, Sva-Haa, Science & Philosophy


Techniques for training your dog discover everything related to the techniques for training your dog.. through this interesting article.

Owner: modohalo

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Other Tags: Best trainings,Dogs, Pets,Techniques, Behaviours,Animals, Friendly, Happiness, Buy,Sell,Oreder,Purchase,Get


An amalgamated repository of hilarity, incorporating baseball, music, film, news, humans, animals,.. stupid people, smart people, politics, astronomy and masonry. Everything is related; feelings are.. stupid.

Owner: JakeRake

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: Baseball, media, stupidity, laughter


I LOVE animals. I'm not picky either, feathers, fur or fins...... I can't get enough!

Owner: animalsandhumans

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Other Tags: animals, pets, dogs, depression, wildlife

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