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Updates on true-crime figures

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Author Anne Patrick's blog & website. Read blurbs and excerpts from her upcoming releases:.. Every Skull Tells a Story, Journey to Redemption, Ties That Bind and Out of the Darkness.

Owner: AnnePatrick

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Other Tags: suspense, serial killer, romance, author Anne Patrick


Crazy Bitches doing what they do best... blogging about other crazy bitches. Femme fatales, celebrity train wrecks and Internet gems.

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A blog of current Mystery, Suspense, and Thrillers book reviews!

Owner: Samella

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5. apradh


Mysteries in Hindi. Latest murder mystery sequel is a great hit.

Owner: Mridul_Tyagi

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Political and social issues relating to Ireland. At the moment my Blog on the murder of French woman.. Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Ireland in 1996 is proving to be important in highlighting this brutal.. murder.

Owner: httphubpagescomhubWhoMurderedSophieToscanduPlantier

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In a stunning twist it has emerged that the board of directors of the Carroll Aircraft Corporation.. Plc included high level Ministry of Defence civil servants.

Owner: carrolltrust

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Other Tags: GCHQ, Ministry of Defence, MI6 Fact or Fiction, Carroll Aircraft Corporation, Sir John Scarlett



Owner: brenner01

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A Normal Guy: a man claiming to be a serial killer, with evidence to that effect has contact our.. company. He will tell his story.

Owner: Byron85

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Other Tags: Fiction, Serial Killer, Crime, Mystery


This blog is dedicated to, and in memory of, the seven young women in Jeff Davis Parish Louisiana.. who have have died mysteriously and/or been murdered over a period of three and a half years.

Owner: G8trgirl

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Other Tags: Crime, Serial Killings, Jennings, LA, Jeff Davis Parish LA

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