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This blog is dedicated to the work of bassist extraordinaire Leland Sklar.

Owner: leorossi

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All About Tattoed Rock Musicians: Anthony Kiedis' Tribal Tattoo, Osbourne's Arms Tattoos,.. Ozzy Osbourne's Tattoo Before He Was Famous, Axl's Arms Tattoos, Axl Rose Tattoos and Many.. More.

Owner: virusestrooper

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Chris Ronald is a stay-at-home dad and singer songwriter. He has taken two years leave from his.. teaching job to look after his three young children. Chris' blog contains ideas and tips on.. parenting as well as news and information about his music.

Owner: chrisronald

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I'm attempting to post the lyrics to one new original song every day for a year. These lyrics.. are available for anyone to use under the Creative Commons License.

Owner: jgmoore2013

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Four part series of how independent musicians can use social media sites as a marketing tool.

Owner: DAnderson135

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All About "ROCK MUSICIANS' TATTOOS": Flea's Old Celtic Tattoo, M Shadow The.. Death Bat Tattoo,Tommy Lee's Full Body Tattoo, Anthony Kiedis' Tribal Tattoos,.. Osbourne's Chinese Dragon Head Tattoo, Axl Rose's Victory or

Owner: sancez

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Become a better musician and more, with these tips and tricks of the trade!

Owner: GradyScott

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The musings of an undergraduate music major aspiring to enter medical school after graduation.

Owner: premedmusician

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'The Full Musician' is about music and culture. It's a journey of a musician finding.. out what success means (hence 'The Full Musician' rather than 'The Starving.. Musician'). Providing discussion and inspiration for artist

Owner: Bec_Wolfers

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10. Falton


My name is Falton Carr, Jr. I’m an uncloseted Blues singer in working-class jeans. I'm into.. music, tattoos, slasher flicks, fight sports and chicken burritos. I have a dog named Hendrix. This.. is my life.

Owner: SaintsCry

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