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A mix bag blog of my daily adventure and ventures in life.

Owner: rowenainotera

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: travel, relationship, computer, photos, current issues


Blog on translation from English to French and on the French and English languages.

Owner: gceline

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: Translation, English, French, Interpreting, Language


It's all about the art of decorating the body with tattoos or body paint

Owner: kucing

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: tattoo, elegant cars, spg action, celebrity photos, extreme moto


Naked Truths Not only under the sky But also beyond it.

Owner: swamy7867

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: Tamil, Tamil Nadu,, Politics, Astrology, sex, psycology


These are my unbiased opinions on aspects that I come across in life. I am sure many of my ideas may.. contradict the majority but I welcome healthy debate as we both can sharpen our thoughts.

Owner: clickbharathi

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: society, politics


Sleeping naked, though not so popular in India is a secret hack to improve not only your sleep.. quality but all your overall well-being. Know how!

Owner: sleepguru

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: sleep health, sleeping naked, sleep habits


A collection of the many strange occurrences, observations and bad dates experienced by a thirty.. something single girl travelling through life.

Owner: JETgirl

Listed in: Dating

Other Tags: sex, men, single


One woman's personal running blog about her switch to barefoot running and the path to better.. health and fitness.

Owner: zapmamak

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: running, barefoot, minimal, mom, fitness


My journey into the bare facts of human beliefs.

Owner: franfran

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: religion, theology, history, beliefs, churches


Advice on love and relationships.

Owner: nakedjournal

Listed in: Dating

Other Tags: Relationships, Love, Sex, Cheating, Advice

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