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In this blog, detailed information is given on the practice of New Orleans Voodoo and how it works. .. It gives the reader step-by-step instructions on how to perform sacred rituals and ceremonies.

Owner: harpsketa

Listed in: Resources

Other Tags: Voodoo, Metaphysical, Spellwork, Manifesting


Weaving some magic on the web.

Owner: phenexwitch

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan, Occult


Canadian Premiere New Age Music Female singer Marcomé's Blog. Discover Marcomé's New age.. music, new world and ambient music albums. Marcomé is a female vocalist and New age artist who.. creates relaxing and healing music.

Owner: MarcoProductions

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: new age music blog, new world music, ambient music, relaxing music, female vocalist


There is a misconception that, all foldable bikes can be fit in a suitcase or can be fold in seconds.. but it is not entirely true and can’t be deny also.

Owner: origamibicycles

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: Travel Bike, Folding Bike, Folding Bicycle, Lightweight Folding Bike


A quirky blog with a spiritual bent for those who love tarot.

Owner: Liani

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: Tarot, Spirituality, Psychic, Pagan


Guidance and help to those who need to change their karma, in health, in a family, in a business,.. and to change the bioenergy of the person. It is the best way out from the crisis situation.

Owner: pokrov

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: spiritually, religious, organization, God


Sea of Faces is about Religion, Spirituality and New age. Do we need religion to believe in God and.. to find our way to Heaven. Hopefully with peoples advice and help this blog will become a spiritual.. and educational site.

Owner: mrkwoo

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Spirituality, God, Heaven, Consciousness


A mixture of topical blogs and observational blogs all with a numerological slant.

Owner: paulinho

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: spiritual, esoteric, news, soul


Newage , Spiritual , 2012

Owner: michyangel

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: spiritual, 2012, meditation


Did you know that your dominant thoughts and emotions actually create the circumstances of your.. life? Discover inspiring and motivating techniques and strategies that can help you create a.. life of greater happiness, success and fulfillment.

Owner: transformation23

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: self-help, health, spirituality, mental health

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