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To analyze and expose the truth behind government regulation of the workplace and the negative.. effects these laws have on small businesses, the economy, the unemployment rate, and the work ethic.. of the American workforce

Owner: spartan77

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: unemployment, economy, jobs, regulations


A Christian response to the Affordable Care Act campaign in Colorado.

Owner: rawest5286

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: sexual immorality, holiness, culture, young


Repeal HealthCare Act is a policy and grassroots advocacy organization created to educate and.. mobilize the American people to take action on important legislative issues and to work to restore.. the core principles on which our nation was founded.

Owner: Ken_Hoagland

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: health care act, repeal petition, repeal it, repeal obamacare


Contain information about the healthcare.gov

Owner: RainatStorm

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Health insurance Marketplace, Healthcare.gov


View of politics and issues from swamps and bayou everyday folks

Owner: bennie

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: gun control, law, congress, washington

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