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The Canadian Princeza is a beauty-lifestyle blog where cosmetics and all my other obsessions come to.. be judged, analyzed, justified and finally embraced for the "life perks" they ultimately.. are.

Owner: SanjaMarie

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Skincare Review, Makeup Review, Beauty Guide, Favorite Lists


personal life + e-novel

Owner: nurulfzz

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: e-novel


A vessel to move an important person from one place to another.

Owner: russell90chelsea

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: Wallace Associates Inc, Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Career Management, Personal Life Coaching


I blogging about my personal life friends contest giveaway tips tutorial or anything that i like to.. share in my blog. Feel free to drop by my blog to share some thought.

Owner: ciktom

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: tutorial blogging, tips blogging


This blog provides inspiration and tips toward a more organized and simplified life.

Owner: joaniek

Listed in: Home-garden

Other Tags: organizing your life, personal organizer, life coach, home organizing tips, simplify your life

6. YpayZ


In this blog you can find news ,personal and business discussions .Different posts that help us.. understand what is life all about and other posts hat we should know.Thank you.Good day!

Owner: YpayZ

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: news, business discussions, understand life, girls and boys


This blog is about life of a girl who talks nothing about her personal life and everything around.. her and who wants to proof that she can do many things.

Owner: mikipanda

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: multimedia university, japan, cute, photoblog


Coaching articles and tools for developing your leadership skills and building better relationships.. in your professional and personal life; written by Chris Hammer, Ph.D., a certified professional.. coach and licensed psychologist

Owner: myachingb

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: Leadership, leadership skills, relationships, better relationships, coaching


My personal experience and journey with Spirituality

Owner: mangoesntangoes

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: God, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy


Emma Watson Personal Life and Photo Gallery

Owner: labu32

Listed in: Celebrities

Other Tags: emma watson photos, harry potter, united kingdom, emma watson, england

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