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A Blog about all things CANNED, jams, jellies, preserves, pickles, cordials, chutneys, conserves.. etc. If it goes in a jar I will write about it.

Owner: ninaminky

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Other Tags: canned, canning and preserving, flavored alchohol, canning recipes


Pickles ! Just read or overhear the word and our mouth starts drooling instantly.

Owner: Ravi_More

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Other Tags: Nilons, Pickle, masala, spices


If you enjoy being a goofball like we do and not take things to serious than you’ve come to right.. place. We share random funny thoughts, jokes, and moments.

Owner: MonkeyPickles

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: Monkey, Humor, Banana, Goofballs


A blog dedicated to all things preserved. An adventure in jammimg, pickling and preserving some of.. the best produce, grown, bought or collected from the wild.

Owner: Jess_Fuller

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Other Tags: Jam Making, Pickles Making, Preserving, Cooking, Canning


This blog shows poses of me travelling around the world. I mostly stay in hotels and take lots of.. plane journey's. PS You can call me The Travelling Pickles, but my friends call me.. TTPickles!

Owner: ecochampion

Listed in: Photoblog

Other Tags: dogs, dachshund, travel, fun, toys


Ashley - an aspiring art historian - shares her love of art, and traveling the world to see.. it...along with tidbits from her hometown of San Francisco.

Owner: AshleyNOXP

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: Art, San Francisco, Art History

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