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Chasing Dragons critically explores issues that traverse the continuum of security, politics, and.. culture. The goal is to at least give our readership pause to think about things differently.

Owner: leviathan

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: drugs, security, international relations, political science


A place for vegetarian food, popular culture, movies, etc. Mostly whatever tickles my fancy :)

Owner: thespiceisright

Listed in: Food-drink

Other Tags: vegetarian, dessert, movies, humor


An existential crossing guard at the busy intersection of spirituality and popular culture.

Owner: godgrrl

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: spirituality, faith, music, film


A daily--well, almost daily--extension of the Mad Dog Weekly humor column.

Owner: maddogprod

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: politics, quirky, commentary, entertainment


'The Full Musician' is about music and culture. It's a journey of a musician finding.. out what success means (hence 'The Full Musician' rather than 'The Starving.. Musician'). Providing discussion and inspiration for artist

Owner: Bec_Wolfers

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: inspiration, spirituality, philosophy, indie musicians


Your source for hot layouts, pop culture blog and free website builder. Site offers anything from.. Myspace layouts to website layouts to graphic design services.

Owner: bluenimue

Listed in: Webdesign

Other Tags: new media, layouts, social networking, wallpapers


A fun, UK-based blog about pop music, semiotics and Timbaland.

Owner: takeittothechorus

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: music, feminism, gigs


Musings of a Perth malcontent. Mostly movie reviews (specialising in arthouse), with some posts on.. travel in SE Asia, home-baking of sourdough bread and pizza, sustainable gardening, and pop culture.

Owner: rolanstein

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: movie reviews, home pizza, sourdough bread, society


thinking about and feeling the art of fashion.

Owner: FashionXK8

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: Fashion, Style, Art, Trends

10. The Emu


In which a cynical middle aged man explores the wrong doings of the world by generally taking the.. rise.

Owner: kevinrevell

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: family, running, technology, music

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