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It seems as if lately all I do is drag my feet. My WIP is in pause mode, and the only art I’m.. practicing is the art of procrastination. Dragon My Feet is a place to talk about all the things I.. am doing to keep from doing what I should be doing.

Owner: patbertram

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Random collection of gems of knowledge, recipes, and nifty tips and tricks. Who says procrastination.. can make a person dull?

Owner: geralvand

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Other Tags: trivia, beauty, recipes, how tos, women


Are you Happy & Satisfied with your Results in all the areas of your Life – Health, Happiness.. & Wealth?

Owner: dipakbhadra

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This blog has been set up in order to help the author, an infamous PR chick, come to terms with her.. procastination at work whilst she deals with never-ending deadlines. This opuscule blog covers a.. range of subjects from Lynch and Louboutins.

Owner: Tallulahkeats

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How To Stop Quitting & Finish What You Started

Owner: Alanito

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Other Tags: self awareness, self development, self discipline, quitting


thoughts, ideas, interesting perspectives on how we can increase our productivity in life. Whether.. it be personal productivity, work related, how can we stop our laziness? the blog features thought.. provoking ideas on issues we all suffer from.

Owner: productiveman

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Procrastination definition, meaning, what is procrastinating keep delaying something that must be.. done, often because it is unpleasant or boring: Learn more

Owner: yousufatik

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Other Tags: procrastination definition, procrastination meaning, what is procrastination, procrastinating


Why we procrastinate? How can one help themselves and get rid of the habit of doing last minute.. jobs every time? Read and know for yourself.

Owner: Burhanuddinhakim

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Can I earn half a million dollars in 6 months?

Owner: ronenteva

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I'm a college sophomore with what could possibly be enough randomosity for me and all my.. friends. My hope is that this this randomosity will spill over into my blog to create some.. entertaining and laughable content. Life is my topic of choice!

Owner: callmeprocrastination

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Other Tags: life, college, random, campus, fun

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