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Written here are my thoughts, and opinions. Agreeing with them is not a requirement, but respecting.. them, and those that belong to any of the others that comment here is required.

Owner: Sunni

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Other Tags: politics, military, family, religion


The rants, ramblings and ruminations of a frequent traveller.

Owner: TheGuy

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: flights, frustration, frequent traveller, rants


Young adult novels and general fiction books which just kick ass. Reviews, interviews, discussions.

Owner: lilymichrose

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: young adult, books, fiction, reviews


Just a general random blog about family, kids, fun stuff, and things that make life easier.

Owner: RandomRamblings6007

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: twins, kids, family, fun, helpful


A blog written by 4 teens and numerous guest writers on relationships, travelling, events, wild.. parties, fashion, and basically everything :) enjoy x

Owner: Rita_Antoniadou

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: travel, fashion, parties, relationships, art


Join me as I wander the globe to far off lands and exotic places for the culture, the food and the.. fun of it all...........

Owner: GlobalCitizen01

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: travel, culture, food, destination, exotic


I am a believer, a dreamer, a writer, a thinker, a friend, mother, and child of God. I’m here to.. share my very real feelings, emotions, humor and sometimes just plain old randomness.

Owner: libramom

Listed in: Outdoors

Other Tags: thoughts, random, faith, single mom, inspire


I decided to put some of my thoughts down on the metaphorical paper. Sometimes I do it just to feel.. better about my sorry ass, but just so it happens that once in a yellow like moon, with little black.. dots on it, I get a good ideea.

Owner: andreista

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: thoughts, movies, fun, crazy bitches, raw feelings


This is the writing place of, Rebecca Dunning. Blurbs from her latest novels, give-aways, self.. publishing 101 and more.

Owner: RebeccaDunning

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: The Real-Life Princess, Rebecca Dunning, Beetle Hunter, The Awen


A blog about my life as a teenager and the way that I see the world from where I'm standing.

Owner: Martin_Smail

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Teen, Lifestyle, Funny, Philosophical

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