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Regularly updated blog about coincidences and synchronicity plus other mysteries such as.. reincarnation, ghosts, UFOs, telepathy, astral travel, dreams etc.

Owner: Snozzle

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: coincidence, synchronicity, mysteries, dreams


Tommy Twiceborn is a supernatural thriller, a work of fiction based on a true life story of.. reincarnation, past life and rebirth. An eleven year old remembers his past life and the abrupt end.. he met. Will it happen again?

Owner: Ameena_Saeed

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: past life, thriller, supernatural, mystery


about Jario Araujo blog: My teaching staff begins and ends in the fire, which is the conscience. My.. faith begins and ends in the Self, which is the atman. Nature is my athanor.

Owner: amobsb

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: lives past, clairvoyant, conscience projection, karma


the great personal blog, visite.

Owner: amoweb

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: astral, clarivoyance, past life, karma

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